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Our team

Tatiana Kornilova
#Chief editor

Designer, photographer, digital artist. Creative and kind. Likes to travel and spend time with warm people in pleasant atmosphere.

Anna Kaparova
#Project manager

Interested in project work and Middle Ages history. Wants to create comfortable atmoshpere for foriegn visitors in Samara region.

Michael Gushchin

Making our website recognizable is his high-priority objective. Likes dogs, cars and music. Dreams someday start his own business.

Kristina Borisova

Creative curator. Supervises publishing articles for the site in time. In her spare time prefers to dance and paint.

Ilya Zhidkov
#Vlog #Design

Graphic designer and a good man. Shoots some video stuff. Really believes in the Expat63 and want to make it clear for you.

Elizaveta Tratrina

Enjoys reading books, learning �nglish and postcrossing. Dreams to travel around the world. Wants to come to the balance with people and herself.

Ivan Muzalevskiy
#Content #Leisure

Always calm person. Interested in different cultures and languages, especially East Asian. Knows three languages and now learning another two. His dream is to travel around East Asia. Plays in the jazz-rock band from blues to metal.

Kseniya Khatko
#Content #Blog

Loves to travel and to do sports. For her, sport is life. She loves sweets and therefore conducts its own culinary blog.

Julia Vereshchagina
#Content #Blog

Always follows to the creed:
Enjoy every life moment, never look back and live without any regrets. Belives that she will get everything she wants but all in good time.

Svetlana Saphonova
#Content #News

Very positive, cheerful, active and kind person. Always engaged in something, so she doesn't have a minute to spare. She finds something interesting in everything and seeks happiness, even in the little things of everyday life.

Alyona Gavrilenko

Believes that every dream is given to a person together with the forces to implement it. Her motto: "Any job can become a beloved if you approach it creatively!"

Artyom Gromov
#Content #News

News translator. Cheerful, friendly and positive person. Loves spending time with friends, watching films, going for a walk or riding a bicycle and play basketball. For friends his name is Arty.

Julia Sinyavskaya
#Content #Events

The major passions in the life are cats and books. Activist. Likes positive people. Thinks that the best way to explore yourself is to explore worlds around. Her dream is to visit many countries, so she will be get more knowledge about other cultures.

Anastasiya Kartauzova
#Content #Events

Loves to develop herself and the world around her. The main motto is "everyone can reach any goal, it is only your wish". We all together can do anything, especially for Togliatti.

Valentin Popov
#Content #Business

Interested in presenting Togliatti as a modern and valuable city for people outside Togliatti and Russia. Likes tracing and following financial markets and politics in general.

Kristina Bukaeva
#Content #Kids

�an not imagine herself without music, loves singing and traveling. Favourite hobby is baking cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other sweets. Dreams to have her own pastry shop.

Dmitry Guskov
#Content #Sport

Fond of football and sports journalism. Hopes that his column will help readers be aware of all sport events in Togliatti.

Kseniya Kosach
#Coordination #Content

Active person. Likes handmade, playing basketball, and learning foreign languages. Also loves travelling with family and friends, attending various performances and exhibitions.

Anastasiya Chistova
#Content #News

Very friendly, helpful and hard-working person. Loves listening to music and learning �nglish. Her dream is to speak �nglish fluently.

Viktoria Boyakova

First-year student of the University of Economics in Samara. Kind, hardworking, cheerful. Likes dancing, learning English, playing the guitar. Believes that with a great desire - nothing is impossible.

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