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25 November 2020
The Volzhsky bridge
25 November 2020
Socio-cultural project �A.R.T. - SREDA�
25 November 2020
Togliatti karateka fights for a ticket to the Olympics in Tokyo
1 October 2019
XXV unified Expert Council of technology parks of the Samara region
23 May 2019
International festival "Drums of the World-2019"
22 May 2019
Exposition "Russian world"
22 May 2019
The project "Green lamp" returns
21 May 2019
Summer retreat festival "the Way of the Heart-2019"
19 April 2017
Signs of World Cup
FIFA introduced the official emblem
19 April 2017
2018 World Cup
The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st FIFA World Cup. It will take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018
13 April 2017
Useful language for expats
This dictionary of Russian colloquial phrases will help to understand some strange Russian expressions and will also help to use stable phrases familiar to Russian people instead of "dry" dictionary sentences.
13 April 2017
Marathons. Challenge yourself
30 March 2017
More than just school
23 March 2017
Zhigulevsky round-the-world trip
"Zhigulevsky round-the-world trip" is a fascinating water route for true lovers of an active lifestyle, adventurers and reasonable risk.
23 March 2017
Swimming Pools
The Movement is a life. Everybody wants to have healthy and strong body. If you like water and want to make tightened your shoulders, chest, forearms and abdominals you can choose swimming. It is the best way to have useful and pleasant time. In Togliatti we have many swimming pools which help you to achieve your aim.
9 December 2016
The Home of Kindness
The shelter �The Home of Kindness� is a rehabilitation center for animals (dogs and cats), which are affected, need help, or in a difficult situation.
9 December 2016
The Zhiguli Mountains. Legends and myths
The Zhiguli Mountains (or simply the Zhiguli) are a part of the Volga. There are a lot of legends and myths about what is happening in this place.
9 December 2016
Petting zoo: "Touch, stroke, feed!"
Petting zoo has opened its doors for citizens and visitors of Togliatti. Its idea is that animals can be touched, stroked and fed.
28 November 2016
Zhigulyevskaya navigation
Zhigulyevskaya navigation is the water touristic route along the Volga and the Usa around the Samarskaya Luka.
28 November 2016
This article will be dedicated to trampoline complex JUMPHALL.
14 November 2016
Lounge-cafe "Hlopok"
The concept of establishment is borrowed from different regions of Uzbekistan such as Ferghana, Samarkand and Tashkent.
14 November 2016
Samarskaya Luka
In Samara Region there is National Park � �Samarskaya Luka�. People, who don�t live in Samara Region, don`t know that it exists.
8 November 2016
Cafe-pastry-shop �Muka�
It is a small place but with refined European design.
8 November 2016
Cafe-bar-karaoke "Fa-Sol" by Anastasiya Smyshlaeva
I have heard about this place from my friend. So I did not often visit similar places, she was the person, who chose this place.
7 November 2016
Hi everyone! I�m Ann...
31 October 2016
Husky kennel club �Serebro Severa�
Professional sled-dog kennel club �Serebro Severa� is the unique place to your leisure activities. What could be better than acquaintance with amazing animals as huskies?
31 October 2016
Thousands of children go in for parkour worldwide. Residents of Togliatti are no exception. Walking along streets of the city, you can see children who do a somersault, beaters and other strange things which the ordinary person can't repeat. They are called as traceurs.
31 October 2016
Orhan Holding international photography contest
The 12th of International Photography Competition will be held by auto industry Orhan Holding with the support of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) in November.
24 October 2016
Mall "Park House" by Marina Kazanceva
Hello! My name is Marina. I am 16 years old, and I am a pupil. I was born in Togliatti and have been living here my whole life...
10 October 2016
Sushi`n`Roll by Elizaveta Fatkina
This place just opened, but it becomes popular among citizens and visitors...
Dolphin acoustic concert. New cast, new instruments, new sounds
The acoustic concert of Dolphin is some kind of a special story. It is hard to describe it with 'exclusive' adjective, but this is exactly what this show will be.
Shluzovoy is small Petersburg
Shluzovoy is a part of Togliatti, an administrative part of the Komsomolsky district. This place could be interesting for tourists due to the architecture of its oldest part.
12 June 2016
On June 20-26 The 13th International Festival Barabany mira 2016 will be held in Togliatti
3 June 2016
�D'kitburg� kids festival in Togliatti
The annual kids festival �D'kitburg� devoted to Children's Day has already announced some details of the program.
Join Train your English skills
Join our project and train your language skills!
Join Add your company profile
Join our project and write your company profile!
International team internship program (Russia-India)
Joint Russia-India program provides the opportunity to participate in a project oriented internship in the international team.
10 March 2016
Startup Tour 2016 in Togliatti
Startup Tour is the biggest event to search for promising innovation projects in Russia and the CIS.
The purpose of the tour is to find innovative solutions to help young developers make their own strategies.
Karaoke Party of the International and Business Community of Samara Region
Enjoy the energy of forthcoming spring!
8 February 2016
Karaoker club by Evgeny Cvetkov
While we were sitting in the Shisha café, we decided to spend that night dancing and drinking, i.e. going to club.
Interview with Nicolas Chastagner
At the end of 2014 Nicolas Chastagner decided to move from France, Poissy to Togliatti, Russia in order to manage new projects of Global company Valeo.
3 February 2016
Shisha bar by Evgeny Cvetkov
We chose Shisha as a place to have some fun with our Indian friends, who came to participate in International team internship program. There were quite many of us...
Local brands: Chiki-Briki
We have already told you about some design studios of Togliatti �ity. They were good examples of local design but of course our city has studios of poor quality design.
Local brands: Sputnik
Sputnik's history began about 2 years ago, and during this time they have released 2 models of backpack, moved from a studio in the city center, which was located in "Orbit�" shopping center.
27 January 2016
"Alliance Française Togliatti" have changed the conditions of the membership
The privileges allow to be part of the Alliance Française de Togliatti!
27 January 2016
Karl and Klara cafe by Anna Konyakhina
I have heard many positive reviews about �Karl and Klara� cafe and finally decided that it is time to go there...
18 December 2015
Because Togliatti is a city with a young soul, there are a lot of cafes, bars, restaurants, night clubs ready to welcome guests on the New Year night.
18 December 2015
Winter mood
Togliatti finally got the long-awaited snow...
I would suggest everyone to smile to the world and prepare delicious home-made muffins...
The Boutique Hotel FAMILIA creates a new year fairy tale
It's a magical night 2016, when the chimes are replaced by another year.
5 countries � 5 Christmas and New Year stories�
International Christmas is an excellent chance to spend your holidays extending the boundaries of communication!
9 December 2015
�Metallurg� (Magnitogorsk) vs. �Lada� (Togliatti)
Tense and at the same time interesting match took place in Magnitogorsk on November 21st.
2 December 2015
The �Golden mask� award
For the first time of the �Golden mask� award history we can see two theatres of Samara region in the list of nominees, and both claim to win the main theatrical award of the country for the first time.
1 December 2015
The date of starting Lada Vesta Cross production is designated
The mass production of Lada Vesta Cross starts exactly in a year after the basic model - Lada Vesta sedan - on September 25th, 2016.
1 December 2015
Local brands: Zebrand
Zebrand (ex-ZebraDesign) is real mastodon of design and branding in Togliatti. It is one of the first design studios founded in our city.
27 November 2015
Today at 20:00 an annual event will be started which completely rips the roof of all the shopaholics of the world � "Black Friday"!
27 November 2015
Weekend guide November 28-29
3D Exhibition of paintings in Togliatti and "Samara Pearl" Jewellery Exhibition in Samara
15 November 2015
Film club 2015
For the third year in a row, Samara State University of Economics (SSEU) is inviting students who love foreign languages and modern cinema to take part in a foreign language film club and essay competition.
11 November 2015
FC �Lada-Togliatti� swam across �Volga�, but lost �bulls�
Our football team played with two principal opponents in the Volga derby and the regional rivalry.
6 November 2015
Togliatti&Samara film "Anyone But Them"
According to (Russian website about cinematography), premier of post-apocalyptic comedy "Tolko ne oni" ("Anyone But Them") is scheduled at January 28, 2016.
Local brands: Lemonfish Studio
Lemonfish studio provides professional services in the field of branding, brand consulting, creation of identity and graphic design.
Vinograd alcohol boutique
Where you can find magnificent collection of the most popular alcohol around the world, extremely rare, exclusive wines and spirits?
13 October 2015
A designer from Samara created Google icon
If you are connected to the Internet, of course, you have already noticed that Google has principally revamped its logo.
Coffee shop �Kakao mama�
It is a wonderful cafe which is made mainly in turquoise colour and has warm atmosphere and tasty menu.
Annual international competition for young designers
On 22-23 October there will be a significant event for Togliatti � annual international competition �Arbuz� (�Watermelon�).
Avtozavodsky district 360� aerial panorama by Togliatti 3D website
The portal is an actively developing project which has business with virtual 3D tours.
Ribay steak house in Togliatti
As a true gastronomic naturalist I cannot but study the steak situation in a jolly city of Togliatti, the city of LADA (a people's car), chemical industry and a former capital of Russian criminal underworld.
26 May 2015
Round table "Staffing of international companies in Samara region: the French experience" 19th May
The round table was attended by Jean-Maurice Ripert, Sergey Andreyev, Alexander Kobenko, Pascal Milliot, Alexey Vostrikov, the representatives of French companies and education sector.
18 May 2015
Summer School of Russian as Foreign Language
�Alliance Francaise Togliatti�, Linguistic Centre �Prime Time� and the company �Togliatti Visit Centre� with the support of the City Hall of Togliatti offer expats to explore an amazing region of Russia, full of fascinating legends and beautiful nature and at the same time to study Russian language!
15 May 2015
New tours by Togliatti 3D
�Togliatti 3D� portal is an actively developing project which has business with virtual 3D tours.
7 May 2015
Victory Day 2015 in Togliatti
Victory Day is celebrated in Russia on May 9th, commemorating victory in the World War II. This is an important cultural event: descendants congratulate veterans and thank them.
20 April 2015
Nikolay Merkushkin and Bo Andersson meeting
On April 2, 2015 the Governor of Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin organized meeting with President of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson.
9 April 2015
Togliatti 3D
�Togliatti 3D� portal is an actively developing project which has business with virtual 3D tours.
Interview with Sarah Krueger
Togliatti is cross nation place where you can find more than 100 nationalities. Besides that our city has a lot of expatriates and city-guests.
Komsomolskiy district walk
Your walk in Komsomolskiy district can start with visiting the palace of culture �Togliattiazot� (DK ToAz)...
Lingvoclub Freestyle
Here you can meet interesting people, play different games, sing songs in English...
Bogatyrskaya Sloboda
Spiritual and cultural Kremlin "Bogatyrskaya Sloboda" is an extraordinary architectural complex created in the tradition of ancient wooden architecture by artist from Togliatti Victor Petrov.
International Club Samara
In the mid 90's there was already a small group of expats starting to have their regular get together on monthly basis. There was no formal name yet decided. 2 of them Tijs Jansen Netherland & John Gordon UK are still in Samara.
Lada became the fourth car brand in Russia
Analysts of the Agency "AUTOSTAT" estimated that Russians spent 60 853 million USD (at the rate 38,47 rubles per dollar) for the purchase of new cars for 2014.
Sakharov's technical museum
Museum�s historybegan in 1998. It was a building of the Technical Museum of "AvtoVAZ" and the formation of the collection. Museum was opened on September 7, 2001. In 2010 it bore the name of its creator K.G.Sakharov�ex vice-president of "AvtoVAZ�s" technical development.
Our story
11 November 2014
Togliatti city statistics. 2013
22 October 2014
What kind of business to startin Togliatti
You've made the decision to start a business. Now you're asking yourself, "What type of business should I start?"
So let us look at popular and common start-ups for young businessmen, which are relevant for Togliatti.
10 October 2014
Food stores in Togliatti
Avtozavodsky market - Revolyutsionnaya Str., 1
Central market - Komsomolskaya Str., 62
Detskii Mir � Mira Str., 86
7 October 2014
The Special Economic Zone of Togliatti
The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a limited territory in the regions with a special legal status and favorable economic conditions for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and companies. The main reason to create these zones is to solve the strategic objectives of the state or separate areas.
Togliatti History
Togliatti is the second largest city in the Samara region. At the moment it has a population of about 720 thousand people. The city's name was changed to Togliatti in 1964. Before this, it was known as Stavropol-on-Volga. The town was founded originally in 1737 as a fortress and the capital of Kalmyks, when they converted to Christianity.
Emergency phone numbers
III International forum"The city of the future. Togliatti 2014"
The forum is the central event in the sphere of economic and social development of Togliatti, an effective communication platform for professional discussion of topical issues. Themes range from projects development of territorial clusters, social sphere, to investment and innovative projects of national, interregional and international value.
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