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22 October 2014

What kind of business to startin Togliatti

What kind of business to startin Togliatti

You've made the decision to start a business. Now you're asking yourself, "What type of business should I start?" Togliatti is among the leaders in the development of industry, which is the main branch of engineering. The region is actively developing business activities. At the same time, the share of small and medium-sized businesses in the total amount is about 35%. So let us look at popular and common start-ups for young businessmen, which are relevant for Togliatti.

To repair and improve roads quality

There are a lot of cars in Togliatti as it is the most popular form of transportation, both public and personal. The road infrastructure of the city is well developed, but the quality is poor and it demands a lot of overhaul. Constant growth of the number of cars leads to reducing road capacity, which creates prerequisites to create new roads.

Considering this, it is a promising and profitable business as there is always a big amount of work that could be done. Skilled staff and special equipment are in demand.

A fast food restaurant with Russian cuisine

Beautiful nature and well-developed infrastructure of the city attracts tourists for whom it is important to eat cheaply and quickly. However, it will be profitable, offering not foreign fast foods, as there is strong competition already, but native Russian cuisine.

Certainly, this idea is not something revolutionary or extraordinary. However, creating a cafe with high quality food and design will be a worthy alternative to those that use common foreign recipes or work as a franchisee.

Medical and Diagnostic Center

A large number of industrial enterprises significantly pollute the air. Basically, it means that the presence of qualified medical personnel in the region to determine and spot various diseases is very important.

Medical diagnostic center with advanced equipment and professional staff will be a good alternative to municipal clinics with long queues, nervous conditions and unprofessional doctors. The only disadvantage is that the medical center requires serious legal and medical approvals and major investment, but well-built business will bring good results and create a positive opinion among the population.

Children's Preschool Center

There is high demand in institutions of this kind in Togliatti, because city is developing and more families prefer to stay and live here. Furthermore, it is hard to get to the municipal kindergarten as it is possible only through an enormous and long queue. Business in this area is promising and profitable, but it requires huge responsibility for children health. Children's center must necessarily have a license, methodical and educational programs. Local authorities support such institutions. They see them as an educational institution for children of preschool age.

by Valentin Popov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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