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International team internship program (Russia-India)

International team internship program (Russia-India)

Since 2015 Togliatti Academy of Management has been developing the program of International team internship focused on real project tasks got from the companies. The idea is to give the Indian and Russian participants the experience of multi-cultural and cross functional interaction, team and project work.

During June-July 2015 the first International team internship program was organized for Alliance University (Bangalore, India) and Togliatti Academy of Management (Togliatti, Russia) students at AVTOVAZ RENAULT NISSAN Purchasing Organization (Togliatti, ARNPO). 19 students studying Marketing, Finance, Operations, Economics and Management participated in this program. 10 MBA students from Alliance University and 9 Bachelor students (2nd and 3rd year) from Togliatti Academy of Management were divided into international teams and worked in different ARNPO departments. The team had a unique experience of Simulated Work Environment training at GM-AVTOVAZ, got understanding of teamwork and continuous improvement. 

LADA Image company (IT Department) and students of Samara State University of Economics (Samara, Russia) joined the second International team internship program in January-February 2016. Twenty-two students studying Marketing, Finance, IT, Operations, Economics and Management participated in this program.

ITIP organizers thank the program partners for bridging the gap between business and education: Venkatram Mamillapalle, Yunir Miniakhmetov, Mariya Timonina (ARNPO), Boris Frolov (LADA Image), Jeffrey Glover, Natalya Levitskaya (GM-AVTOVAZ),  Konstantin Kurakov (Amadeus sea plane production), Rajen Chatterjee (Alliance University), Natalia Kulikova (Samara State University of Economics). 

Dr. Maria Frolova,
Vice-Rector for International cooperation,
Togliatti Academy of Management:
"We are honored to have great Masters and great students in the program! It was a great mixture of cultures, approaches and backgrouds. We appreciate greatly the openness of companies to new educational project forms and the opportunity they provided. It is my privilege to thank all the participants and partners: without your personal contribution the project would hardly be possible! I am both excited and optimistic about our future collaboration."
International team internship Summer 2015
International team internship Winter 2016

ITIP Winter 2016 feedback

Here are some International team internship program alumni feedbacks. Read more here.

John Thomas Varghese
"At the internship I realized the importance of having a strong grasp on the basics of operations, softwares and soft skills I have a better understanding of working in a team, having an open mind and to appreciate perspectives of many. Business involves more than just technical terms and money, but people too. Making the best use of the Human Resource in an organization is an operation requiring tact and mind. My passion for the automotive industry has been rekindled with this internship."
Hemanth Suresh
"My experience as an intern at ARNPO taught me a lot about myself. As a young adult living on my own, I had to figure out how to be my own person. I had to choose how I wanted to be viewed by my peers and other young professionals and worked hard to build upon the professional skills that I had learned throughout my Academic life."
Vibin Das
"From the internship we were able to gleam a glimpse into the working of a multi national company and its working on a global scale. Personally I was able to learn about international work standards and increase multi cultural sensitivity. The only advise I would give people planning to participate would be to keep an open mind and be ready for the warm Russian welcome."
Bijit Adhikari

"The internship program opened my eyes to how current company’s view their prospective employees to be and what they expect from them. I understood the value of creating something together and that in todays world no one can build something just on their own. As our boss at LADA-Image Mr Boris Frolov said in such a comforting fashion and I quote, ‘An I-phone cannot be made by a single person’, we as a group understood the true value of working as a team and with that one can achieve anything in life."

Akash Patel
"I would like to say it is a very good opportunity for IT people that are willing to participate in such program which really helps to know your abilities and would make you more professional. As I'm an IT Engineering student I felt that for developing an software or website you really have a very less time that is 6 weeks so better be fully prepared and give your 100%."

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