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3 2016

D'kitburg kids festival in Togliatti

D'kitburg kids festival in Togliatti

The annual kids festival «D'kitburg» devoted to Children's Day has already announced some details of the program which will be held on June 4th near DKIT (Togliatti, Jubilejnaja Str., 8). As before, there will be various Togliatti creative projects. And it means that guests will be offered a set of entertainment activities and open workshops for the whole family.

PYATWIKids - Togliatti Academy of Management students team will participate with English language platform, in which will be a variety of games for children of all ages and levels of English proficiency. Besides, free  book market for children, hand made fair, photozone, musical platform will work at the event. The program is developed by libraries and the museums of the city.

"Children became the founders «D'kitburg». They began to cultivate new society and the new principles of life based on Beauty, Art and Creativity. There will be a city of D'kitburg with the infrastructure, interactive platforms and games, creativity, science, sport, literature, entertainment and other interesting things" — it is announced in the official group of the event.

The beginning of the festival — 12:00. Free entrance.


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