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24 October 2016

Mall "Park House" by Marina Kazanceva

Mall "Park House" by Marina Kazanceva

Hello! My name is Marina. I am 16 years old, and I am a pupil. I was born in Togliatti and have been living here my whole life. I hang out with my friends a lot. We enjoy exploring new spots, so I am going to tell you about the most interesting places in our city.
Now we will focus on the malls. I highly recommend you to visit a mall ''Park House''. It is the biggest mall in Togliatti. It is very popular among teenagers. There are a bunch of shops; you can easily find something for yourself. After the tiring shopping I advise you to go to the cinema and see a film. In Park House there is the best cinema in the town - ''Mori Cinema''. While seeing a movie, you can relax in the comfortable seats with the delicious popcorn. Also it is available to watch 3D and IMAX movies. To make your day more stunning, after the cinema, you should go to the cafe to have dinner after a long day. There is a large number of different cafes, so nobody will stay starving. 
Summarizing, I want to say that if you are in Togliatti, you definitely have to visit the mall ''Park House''.

by Marina Kazanceva, School, 10th grade
Togliatti Academy of Management


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