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7 November 2016

Hi everyone! Im Ann...

Hi everyone! Im Ann...

Hi everyone! 

I’m Ann and you’ll be seeing my articles (almost) every month from now on. I am a TAOM student and also a 10th grader.

I have lived in Togliatti for my whole life, so you can assume that I know the city I’ve spent my life in but this, actually, is not true. I’m an indoor person and I spend most of my time at home, since it’s not so funny to hang out somewhere alone. So, when I am writing about different activities and places in our city, I will be learning as well! Neat, huh?

Also, I feel like I should warn you that I am not a writer and it’s my first experience in writing articles as well, so please don’t expect any journalistic feats. I will try my best to, at least, make my articles readable without being bored to death, and it’d be really cool if I managed to pull that out.

 I have lots of different interests, and they will, of course, be reflected in my articles. I like team sports, like football, volleyball, basketball and etcetera, but I also like individual sports like, for example, snowboarding or skiing, so I guess there’ll be at least one sport-themed article. I also find cooking pretty interesting, especially when it comes to sweets and pastry, I’m going to do my best and write something on that topic, as well.

In addition, I draw a lot. I can’t exactly say that I like drawing, but honestly, you can hear that from many good-skilled artists. Not that I’m one of them, though, but my point of view is pretty similar. To be honest, it’s not that hard to see why many people think so. I mean, looking at your works will almost hurt you physically because you can see that they are awful, it may be super tough to keep on drawing after realizing that, but soon you just get used to endless suffering and try to make actual progress.

So, back to the actual point of this article, I’m going to write about art, as well, I will choose a narrower topic, though.

Actually, I can go on like this endlessly and it will be pretty boring to give a strict and precise schedule of my articles, since I will probably change my mind a lot.

Well, I hope that this at least looks like an article, but I’m going to end it here regardless. I think it had just right amount of me ranting about stuff and, hopefully, you got something useful out of it. The next article should turn out a lot better since I’m going to have an actual topic to talk about.

But yeah, that’s going to be it for today,

Thanks for your attention!

by Ann Kocherezhko, School, 10th grade
Togliatti Academy of Management


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