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9 December 2016

Petting zoo: "Touch, stroke, feed!"

Petting zoo: "Touch, stroke, feed!"

Petting zoo has opened its doors for citizens and visitors of Togliatti. Its idea is that animals can be touched, stroked and fed. Children's zoo is a place where you can go with family or friends! There are a lot of different species of animals.

Here you can spend time wonderfully watching the animals and their habits, hand-feeding, patting them and taking cool photos. Also there are a lot of rules that you should follow when entering the zoo. For example, you are not allowed to feed animals food from home, take pictures with the flash. But there are special places in the zoo, where the animals roam freely.

Animals in this place are not aggressive, calm, and don’t do any harm to children. Many people suppose that captivity is bad for animals, but it is not for all animals, zoo has specially trained staff. Animals are fed according to a specially schedule, they are washed and so on.  It is comfortable for animal to be here.

Petting zoo is a great place to relax.

Address: Revolyutsionnaya Str., 52A. Shopping center «Rus’ na Volge», 1st floor

by Nadezhda Kovaleva , 2nd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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