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9 December 2016

The Zhiguli Mountains. Legends and myths

The Zhiguli Mountains. Legends and myths

The Zhiguli Mountains (or simply the Zhiguli) are a part of the Volga. The Zhiguli Mountains are located in National Park «Samarskaya Luka». They’re included in the UNESCO directories as a natural and historic monument of world importance. This place is also mentioned in another list, which is made by organizations that explore the mysterious and anomalous phenomena on the Earth and beyond. These people believe that the Zhiguli Mountains is one of 10-12 points on the map of Russia, where the unusual and largely mysterious processes manifest themselves in dozen times more often than in other parts of the world.

There are a lot of legends and myths about what is happening in this place. They tell about inexplicable things: strange huge light columns, balls of fire, churches and palaces, which appear and disappear, mysterious caves and underground tunnels with animals and horrible looking monsters frozen into blocks of ice, yeti, UFO, astonishing creatures, translucent people dwarfs, mysterious aged men and this is not the whole list.

People, who go to these areas, say that time changes there – it flows faster or slower. About this we can hear in myths also: they tell about people who thought that they have spent some hours in such places but it turned out that they have spent some days or even more.

People say a lot about the Zhiguli Mountains – some of them think that under the ground there is a machine, built by ancient supercivilization that knew such techniques which are unknown to modern people. Some people think that all these things are made by aliens who novadays come there and watch. Other people say that all it’s about parallel words. They think that such a place as “Samarskaya Luka” and also a few locations in our world can come into contact with other worlds and exchange energy, get something that we can’t understand now.

If you are in Samara or Togliatti one day and you are not afraid of mysteries, you have to visit the Zhiguli Mountains.

by Elizaveta Fatkina , 2nd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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