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23 March 2017

Zhigulevsky round-the-world trip

Zhigulevsky round-the-world trip

"Zhigulevsky round-the-world trip" is a fascinating water route for true lovers of an active lifestyle, adventurers and reasonable risk. This is 10-day rowing regatta, where you can test your strength and character, enter into a game with the elements of water, air and fire. This is quite an extreme journey, in which you acquire many useful skills and abilities. "Zhigulevsky round-the-world trip" is a rare opportunity to see all beauty and charm of Zhiguli. This is an absolutely amazing place where tourists, moving all the time along the river, return in 10 days to the same place where the trip started, leaving a 200 km path.

The name was obtained because of the geographical location, when between the rivers Volga and Usa there are 140 kilometers along the current and several kilometers in a straight line, which allows to finish the trip in the place of its beginning, having overcome a small pass on land in the village of Perevoloki.

The trip includes a rich cultural and sports program, various contests of dances and parodies, competitions in football, volleyball, orienteering and much more. During the trip you can visit the most beautiful historical places of Samara Luke. 

To take part in the trip, you only need to make a team of 10-12 people and pay a ticket.

All details about the itinerary and the cost of travel can be found on the official website of or in the group Vkontakte

by Natalya Kasyanova, 2nd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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