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13 March 2017

Useful language for expats

Useful language for expats

This dictionary of Russian colloquial phrases will help to understand some strange Russian expressions and will also help to use stable phrases familiar to Russian people instead of "dry" dictionary sentences.

English                                                                                    Russian (transliteration)                                                       
Take it easy Ne obrashhaj vnimanija
In a nutshell V dvuh slovah
Take it, or leave it Libo da, libo net
I haven't the slightest idea Ponjatija ne imeju
No matter. I don't care Mne vse ravno (po figu)
To strike the eye Brosat'sya v glaza

Really busy right now/swamped

U menya del po gorlo
Wait Pogodi/podojdi
Yes, I'm all for Da, ya za
Noway Ni v koyem sluchaye
How do you pronounce thisword? kak proiznositsya eto slovo
It’s raining cats and dogs l'yot kak iz vedra
Hе shot his bolt Vse yego usiliya kotu pod khvost
Just in case Na vsjakij sluchaj
A driblion Do hrena/figa/...
To make up for lost time Naverstat' upushchennoye vremya
It goes without saying Samo soboy razumeyetsya

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