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21 January 2019

Summer retreat festival "the Way of the Heart-2019"

Summer retreat festival "the Way of the Heart-2019"

"The way of the Heart" is an all-Russian festival-retreat of mental rest, disclosure of the heart, self-immersion and honesty with yourself.

The purpose of the festival "the Way of the Heart" — to help each participant:

1) to be honest with yourself and other people

2) realize your way in this world

3) to build a harmonious relationship with the surrounding people and nature

The objectives of the festival "the Way of the Heart" — to create an atmosphere in which people can:

1) to feel the confidence to the world

2) to become aware of our blocks of pain, imposed by the program and install

3) discover love and self-confidence, believe in yourself and your strength

4) find like-minded people

Six main directions of the retreat festival "the Way of the Heart":

1)peace of mind

2) atmosphere of empathy

3) bodily practices, the practice of long-term viewing "Eye to eye"

4) stop the internal dialogue

5) access to understanding "who I am", honesty with yourself

6) finding your individual path of the heart, "the road on which there is no trace"

When: From 25 to 30 June 2019.

Where: the Samara region, the camp "Sosnovy Bor".


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