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25 November 2020

Socio-cultural project �A.R.T. - SREDA�

Socio-cultural project �A.R.T. - SREDA�

On August 5, 2020, in the park, built in honor of the 50th anniversary of the release of the first AutoVAZ car (Revolutsionnaya St.), the socio-cultural project «A.R.T. – SREDA» was launched. Its main idea is to organize the leisure of Togliatti residents in new open areas. Another important task of the project is to acquaint residents with city institutions of culture, education and sports. For two months, schools and kindergartens, libraries and theaters, sports schools and museums worked every Wednesday at the project platforms, demonstrating their capabilities and creativity to the townspeople. Every Wednesday, until September 30, in compliance with all the sanitary requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, open trainings of sports schools, master classes from the best teachers of educational and cultural institutions, art platforms of Togliatti libraries, thematic exhibitions and quizzes were organized in the park. The project is being implemented within the framework of a large regional project «Cultural Heart of Russia».

On the first day, a quest on the history of AutoVAZ, master classes from the Library of the Cultural Center «Avtograd», an open training session from the folk ensemble of pop dance and a drum show from the dance theater «Credo» were organized.

On other days, residents of the city had the opportunity:

  • to see the performances of creative teams of the Cultural Center «Avtograd», the Leisure Center «Rusich», the Cultural and Leisure Center «Burevestnik»

  • watch the theatrical performance «Russian Poetry» from the «Koleso» Drama Theater named after G.B. Drozdov

  • visit thematic �������� and master classes from institutions of additional education, kindergartens, sports schools � 7 «Acrobat», � 13 «Volgar», the association of children's libraries

  • fulfill the standards of the complex «Ready for Labor and Defense» under the guidance of instructors from the Center for Physical Culture and Sports

  • visit the interactive �������� of the Park complex of the history of technics named after K.G. Sakharov.

Within the framework of the project, for the first time, interactive �������� of the «Cultural Citizen» project were widely presented in all four areas: «Young Reader» (book exhibitions), «Young Excursionist», «Young Spectator» (workshops, games, quizzes and theatrical performances) and «Young listener».

In total, more than 280 programs were organized within the framework of «A.R.T. - SREDA» project, in which about 38 thousand people took part.

As the head of the city of Togliatti, Sergei Antashev, noted in an interview, thanks to the «A.R.T. - SREDA» project, the park has become a socio-cultural point of attraction, a place where people relax, go in for sports and creativity. Today it is not just a landscaped area, but a center of activities and an important object for the city.

by Elizaveta Zadorkina
Togliatti Academy of Management


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