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25 November 2020

The Volzhsky bridge

The Volzhsky bridge

The building of the Volzhsky bridge between the villages “Podstepky” and “Klimovka” on opposite shores is in process.

This object is a part of the international traffic way “Europe – East China”. The bridge and the highway are sponsored by the federal account and investor – the concession company “ Obhod Togliatty”.

The length of the bridge will about 3.7 kilometers (2.3 miles).

By the way, the plan is to establish the traffic on the bridge by 2024.

According to the project this highway will have 4 lanes: two on each side.

The bridge will be made of steel. The depth in the place where the bridge will be established is the peculiarity of the Volzhsky bridge, because the depth ranges to 36 meters (0,022 miles). It is deeper according to the process of erection of The Crimean Bridge in 4 times.

The full cost of building will be approximately 120 billion rubles.

 It will be useful for :

  1. Saving time which usually is spent on trip from Moscow to regional capitals
  2. Reducing traffic load on the Zhigulyevskaya dam
  3. Impact on economic development of Togliatti
  4. Ensuring of traffic accessibility 

Charge:  from 200 to 1200 rubles according to vehicles’ size and other specific points.

  • ¶  200 rub - Vehicles with 2 and more axles (including the vehicles with trailers) that have the height of 2 meters
  • ¶  400 rub – Vehicles with height from 2 to 2.6 meters
  • ¶  800 rub – Vehicles with height more than 2.6 meters
  • ¶  1200 rub – Vehicles with 3 and more axles and the height of 2.6 and more meters

Payment will be made by cash, cards or transponders (contactless smart cards).

It is going to look like:

by Sofia Krukova
Togliatti Academy of Management


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