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Ribay steak house in Togliatti

Ribay steak house in Togliatti

As a true gastronomic naturalist I cannot but study the steak situation in a jolly city of Togliatti, the city of LADA (a people's car), chemical industry and a former capital of Russian criminal underworld. I have come to the conclusion that steaks do exist there! For example in Ribay (why not ribeye?) Steak House, a cozy place with nice service. The big sign "we make the best steaks and no sushi" made my day. Finally, there are places with no sushi! But let's start with "the best roast beef bruschetta in town" (460/230 rub). I should say it was really delicious: juicy roast beef, capers, lettuce mix and Thai sauce. But ribeye steak (1550 rub) quality was not that good. Meat exported from South America, pepper sauce, cabbage salad plus any sauce you choose.

Yes, it's tender but tenderness is not all when dealing with steaks. I need passion, meat scent, uncompromising stand, true masculinity! I imagine prairies, cowboys wearing riding boots, the scent of hay, the black bulls with lassos on their burly necks. Then aging beef and a thick piece of meat on a red-hot pan, a sip of Jack Daniel's right from the bottle. This is what I long for. If I need anything tender I'll go and buy praline Rafaello candy. There are steaks in Togliatti but you'd better go to Samara, steaks in Yar Bar and Terrace are better. 

Address: Togliatti, 40 Years of Victory Str. (40 let Pobedy), 26, 

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by Alyona Sidorova


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