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Togliatti History

Togliatti History

Togliatti is the second largest city in the Samara region. At the moment it has a population of about 720 thousand people. The city's name was changed to Togliatti in 1964. Before this, it was known as Stavropol-on-Volga. The town was founded originally in 1737 as a fortress and the capital of Kalmyks, when they converted to Christianity.

At the beginning of the 20th century Stavropol-on-Volga was a small, undistinguished provincial town with a population about 12 thousand.

However, things changed dramatically after the construction of the biggest power station on the Volga began in 1950.

The Volga Hydro-Electric Power Station totally transformed the community. This enormous construction project shattered the quiet and solitude. Thousands of people from all over the country came here to live, work and build the future. The old town was submerged under the artificial lake, created by the dam and so a new city was built on a higher flat area bordered by forests on both sides. This was the second birth of the city.

Another more fundamental change was linked to the construction of the Volga Automobile Works (now known as AVTOVAZ) in the late 1960Тs. And again people from all over Russia came and settled here, forming a special industrial environment, with a unique culture.

Since that beginning, Togliatti has been considered as Russia's automotive capital. The car manufacturing company, covering an area of 500 hectares, was constructed in a record-breaking short time.

While this happened, the city was growing and changing too.

An all-inclusive construction concept in a free area helped to implement the most advanced architectural solutions of that time, the most modern ideas for laying out streets, industrial zones and residential areas were used. As a result, each block in the city is a complete unit unto itself, with all the necessary infrastructure, including residential, shopping facilities, schools, kindergartens, recreation areas and squares.

This geographic position makes Togliatti really special.

Taking a bird-eye's view and you will admire how generous nature is to the city. Togliatti lies on vast steppes, on the bank of the Volga Ц the great Russian river, close to the ancient Zhiguli mountains. The mountains are stretching along the right bank, making an intricate chain of steep hills split by ravines and canyons. They are different in height (extemding up to 300 meters above water level), Sometime rising sharply, then going down sheer cliffs into the river or sloping far. The forest grows on the mountainsides. Rare birds, animals and unique plants are found in this area. This wonderful area is worthily called the "Pearl of Russia".

by Ekaterina Kuzmicheva, 2nd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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