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13 October 2015

A designer from Samara created Google icon

A designer from Samara created Google     icon

If you are connected to the Internet, of course, you have already noticed that Google has principally revamped its logo.

So, this design (albeit with some modifications) was taken from Samara designer Denis Kortunov.

Back to 2008, an employee of Turbomilk (Samara design company) wrote a post on the Internet telling people how he developed a new icon for the famous search service. He pursued the goal to make it sharper and attractive in size 16x16 pixels. Based on company's concept, Kortunov designed a new captivating logo. He took the same colors as the first letter «G» and a little bit of everything improved and gave "gloss".

7 years later this work out icon formed the basis for a new company logo - with some modifications. According to Kortunov, the project has not been stolen. Logo-drafts were used for Google rebranding from the resolution of Samara designer. Kortunov did not reveal the details of negotiations with Google. The only thing that is known about this deal is the fact that Google managers themselves came to him and invited to run business relationship.

by Julia Vereshchagina, 4th year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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