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Vinograd alcohol boutique

Vinograd alcohol boutique

Where you can find magnificent collection of the most popular alcohol around the world, extremely rare, exclusive wines and spirits?

No holiday table is complete without wine, vodka, cognac, brandy or other beverages. By choosing elite varieties of wine for your holiday table, you need to take care not only about its quantity, but about the quality, the most harmonious combination of those dishes that are part of the menu. Experts of Vinograd boutique will help you to choose the drink so as not to spoil the taste of foods but rather to emphasize the dignity of all.

Traditionally, Boutique Vinograd has a great choice of top Bordeaux wines - it seems that they exist outside of time. Petrus, Haut-Brion, Latour, Lafite, Mouton, Cheval Blanc - these wines cannot be forgotten. Although they are good, without any whatsoever packaging, it should be given in a beautiful wooden box just for reasons of safety. Here you can choose the best Italian wine producers: the legendary Marquises Frescobaldi, Sassicaia, Castello Banfi, San Felice and, of course, Tenuta San Guido - the creators of the cult.

Its wines, spirits and wine accessories will be an excellent gift or a nice addition to it and help to image motherland or journey around the world.

Addresses and tel. of company branches

7 (8482) 31-50-98

 7 (8482) 39-55-66

 7 (8482) 31-57-88

by Julia Vereshchagina, 4th year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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