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11 November 2015

FC «Lada-Togliatti» swam across «Volga», but lost «bulls»

FC «Lada-Togliatti» swam across «Volga», but lost «bulls»

On October 20th Vladimir Kuhlevskiy’s team arrived in Ulyanovsk for the meeting with local FC «Volga». The coaching staff decided to rely on young players - they lost many leaders because of injuries. And they, as it turned out, didn’t let down. From the first minutes «avtozavodtsi»* seized the advantage and were pressing on Konstantin Baranov’s gates. Eventually, the pressure paid off: Ivan Ivanchenko exactly played on finishing. Skipping the goal, Ulyanovsk players didn’t give a start and continued fending off the guests‘ attacks. Three minutes before the break Ivanchenko turned out in the right place at the right time again  and became the author of the double after the terrible mistake of «Volga» defender.

It's the game of two halves. In the second half the hosts have moved the game away from their gates after several substitutions, forcing Togliatti to sit on the defensive. The result came soon: on the 65th minute Sergei Obivalin «cut» the ball into his own net, and on the 79th minute Daniel Nagovitsin equalised and brought the score level. But the last word was left for the «Lada-Togliatti» players. Three minutes before the final whistle Aznaur Geryugov hit the near corner and brought a guest victory - 3:2 to «avtozavodtsi» .

«Volga» (Ulyanovsk) – «Lada-Togliatti» 2:3 (0:2)

Goals: 0:1 Ivanchenko (22), 0:2 Ivanchenko (42), 1:2 Obivalin (65, own goal), 2:2 Nagovitsin (79), 2:3 Geryugov (87)

600 spectators. «Start» stadium. Ulyanovsk. October 20, 2015.

And after a week our team had the final home match in 2015. FC «Lada-Togliatti» welcomed the guests from Syzran. In spite of the command structure of the opponent and place in the league table, Vladimir Kuhlevskiy’s team owned the initiative, while the visitors were content only counter-attacks. On the 26th minute the standard led to the goal in «Syzran-2003» gate. Artem Yezhov outstriped the goalkeeper of «bulls» and volleyed the ball into the net. However, the guests quickly responded by restoring equality four minutes later.

In the second half the double-edged game went on until the appointment of a penalty kick in Sergei Volkov‘s gates. The Syzran captain Vasiliy Berezun was accurate. Having gone ahead in the score, Dmitriy Voetskiy’s team was wide-awake and scored another goal on the 79th minute. The hosts had a couple of chances to get back into the game, but the bad finishing failed our players.

«Lada-Togliatti» - «Syzran-2003» 1:3 (1:1)

Goals: 1:0 Yezhov (26), 1:1 Gorelov (30), 1:2 Berezun (58, penalty), 1:3 Dzodziev (79)

650 spectators. «Torpedo» stadium. Togliatti. October 26, 2015.

For reference

*Avtozavodtsi -  a nickname for footballers playing for  the city where cars are produced (Togliatti)

Photo by Maria Dzhashi

by Dmitriy Guskov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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