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15 November 2015

Film club 2015

Film club 2015

For the third year in a row, the Department of Foreign Languages at Samara State University of Economics (SSEU) is inviting students who love foreign languages and modern cinema to take part in a foreign language film club and essay competition.

What is a film club and how does it differ from a traditional cinema? The answer is simple: at the club you watch the movie with the original soundtrack – English, German or French – and then stay for a while to discuss what you’ve seen with other viewers and the professors-curators in English, German or French. So, it is a perfect chance to have an intensive practice of foreign language, which is both fun and absolutely free.

Plus, the club doesn’t end there – there’s the next step, the essay contest. Every year, the program of the club consists of several films, united by a common theme. In 2013, it was “Dreams come true?”, in 2014 – “A modern city and its people”. The theme that unites sometimes very different movies provides a common ground for the topics in the essay contest, making it easier and, at the same time, more challenging to compose a prize-winning work.

And yes – the essays are not just the author’s ideas on the topic, this would be simplistic and unfair. The topics of the essays are designed in such a way that the author will have to use the films from the program to support their argument. For example, one topic from last year’s competition: “In Walt Whitman’s words, “A great city is that which has the greatest men and women.” Use the examples from the films you’ve watched to write about the people – famous or ordinary – who live in a big city, shape it and are shaped by it”.

This year is the “Year of Literature” in Russia and the theme of the film club is “Books and movies – the phenomenon of screen adaptation”. We will be watching the adaptations of major literary works and talking about various aspects of adapting written stories – from the technical challenges of squeezing a five-hundred page manuscript into a two-hour moving picture to your personal delight or disappointment from the screen adaptations of your favorite novels.

In the past two years, this event was solely available for SSEU students. However, this year the event will be held from November 17th to February 14th at three sites - Samara State University of Economics, Togliatti Academy of Management and Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities for everyone wishing to participate. Expat63 is proud to provide the information support for the event. What is more, the winning works will be published there for the readers’ vote, which will help the experts make their final decision.

All the information on the event, the topics of the essays, the recommendations for writing and the guidelines for scoring you can find in the official group of the film club here:

Welcome to the club and let the film begin!


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јнастаси€ ‘едькина
The film tells the biography of a famous musician Ray Charles. The story is about how a person after an accident suffered stress, it costs him his vision. It seems that at this stage you can stop living. However, Ray continued to live, and soon became a well-known jazz musician. Sometimes he goes astray because of the people who used his talent and blindness. At first he was leaving at the right time. After increasing popularity the life of a musician began to change. This motion picture is interesting for its unusual. I have watched this movie again.
¬алентина ƒементьева
I also watched film about Ray. This film is about Ray Charles, who went blind at the age of seven, after witnessing his brother drown. His mother insisted he make his own way in the world. Charles found his calling in music. The plot of film is very interesting and exciting. This film is about love, friendship, real life problems, racial segregation and I think, that every person can find something important for each other. I advise all my friends to see "Ray".
Anka Goynova
This film is very interesting and touching. Great acting, good music and fascinating story. Ray is a strong man, with a strong character. He overcomes many difficulties and in spite of everything reaches success . This unforgettable film looks at one go. All the advice
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