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27 July 2016

Karl and Klara cafe by Anna Konyakhina

Karl and Klara cafe by Anna Konyakhina

I have heard many positive reviews about "Karl and Klara" cafe and finally decided that it is time to go there.

Firstly, I was attracted by the interior and atmosphere. Cozy, small room, located on the first floor, was decorated in the style of Provence. I was lucky because a table next to the window was free, so I set down and was waiting for my friends. A nice waitress gave me a menu and I started to explore it. A variety of desserts made me think: Viennese pancake, strudel, tiramisu and many other. I chose a dessert, ordered it and then I could look at all the details of the interior and the amazing view to the square from the window. I even thought that I had flown back in time and there were carriages drawn by horses outside the window.


A waitress brought my dessert quickly enough. Because of a balmy strudel with scoop of ice cream, coffee and pleasant music I forgot that I was waiting for my friends, until they did not hail me. The girls agreed with me that this cafe is wonderful. It is great that students like us can afford to visit this restaurant and enjoy coffee and a dessert. From that evening "Karl and Klara" became one of our favorite places.

Café (cafe-restaurant) "Karl and Klara" is a perfect and comfortable place for meeting with friends or an opportunity to spend time on your own. It is also suitable for a romantic date. I hope that a pleasant romantic atmosphere of this place will not remain you indifferent and you will also fall in love with this place.

Address: Togliatti, Karl Marks Str., 50. Tel. 8 (8482) 28-29-88

by Anna Konyakhina, 4th year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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