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3 2016

Shisha bar by Evgeny Cvetkov

Shisha bar by Evgeny Cvetkov

We chose Shisha as a place to have some fun with our Indian friends, who came to participate in International team internship program. There were quite many of us, 15 people, and we doubted that we could fit in a small Shisha building, but we were placed without any problems.

The first thing we noticed was the Arabic interior and atmosphere that made our stay comfortable and communication easy. The friendliness of the staff and the care about every customer here was difficult to overestimate, because the girl, who was serving us, was very friendly and responsive to our wishes.

The small and cozy room consisted of tables, chairs and chair-pears - sitting here was very comfortable to enjoy a hookah.

Original menu design, as well as its content did not leave any visitor indifferent. In comparison with similar places, the prices in Shisha were quite democratic, especially regarding hookahs. There were both conventional (on water, milk, etc.) and some rare and original (on champagne, energy drink, beer, etc.) hookahs.

We ordered a citrus hookah. Our Indian friends wanted strong tobacco, but with the same scent. It was the unusual situation for the staff of Shisha, but they gladly helped us, and despite of the complexity, made a great hookah, which our company enjoyed.

In the menu there was a variety of Arabian dishes and salads. There were vegetarian dishes as well, and that was very good for our Indian company. Also, many Indians  ordered chicken wings, as well as pita bread with chicken. And again we came to the staff with a request to make these dishes as much as possible spicy, and they did it.

The only disadvantage we met - it took long time to cook the food we had ordered, but it could be explained by a large company (15 people).

Friendly staff, pleasant ambience and atmosphere, interesting and delicious hookahs (and their prices), as well as delicious food. All this awaits for you in Shisha. We strongly recommend this place!

Address: 70 let Oktjabrja Str., 5a, building 1

by Evgeny Cvetkov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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