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Interview with Nicolas Chastagner

Interview with Nicolas Chastagner

At the end of 2014 Nicolas Chastagner decided to move from France, Poissy to Togliatti, Russia in order to manage new projects of Global company Valeo. From February 2015 Nicolas and his family – wife and two children – have been living in Togliatti. He told us, that his life has changed after moving: “I discover that in Togliatti there is everything that me and my family need - forest for bicycling, sport club for playing tennis, beautiful Volga river for ice skating and mountains for snowboarding – for me; park near home, gymnastics in Olymp complex, plastic art activity – for kids. All things are close, and I don’t need to spend a lot of time in the car as it was for me in France. We can spend more time for great things and it is so cool“.

Nicolas thinks that Russia is a nice place with friendly people, but unfortunately these friendly people don’t care about public places – so there is garbage on the beach and in the forest. But he believes that our friendliness and generosity can improve the impression.

At the end of the interview Nicolas gave some advice for all expats: “Please, don’t stop at the first impression. There are a lot of nice places, which you can discover just behind all these buildings. For me, life in Togliatti  is easy - easy to find everything you need not far away. It makes life simple and we can enjoy!”

by Anastasiya Kartauzova, 4th year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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