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8 2016

Karaoker club by Evgeny Cvetkov

Karaoker club by Evgeny Cvetkov

While we were sitting in the Shisha café, we decided to spend that night dancing and drinking, i.e. going to club. We chose Karaoker because here one year ago we celebrated the initiation of current 2nd year TAoM students. So, we booked two tables and went to Karaoker.

Our company of 15 people, 11  were our Indian friends, came to Karaoker quite early - it was around 9-10 p.m. Thus, there were not so many people. We were the only company here at this time. So, the waiters quickly connected two tables to let us sit together.

Karaoker consists of three halls: two of them have bar counters (one has pylon, another - dancefloor), and the third is a hookah room in oriental style. Regarding cuisine, here is a big Russian and European choice. So, we sat in the first hall with dancefloor.

The first thing that we liked was dark lighting at the dancefloor. It makes you feel more comfortable, while you dance. Most parts of menu were alcohol drinks, a lot of different types. That’s pretty awesome for any club. The waiters quickly responded to our orders and brought them.

To our mind, there was pretty good music, both Russian and foreign. DJ did his work very good. When he saw that there were some Indians, he started playing Indian electronic music, so our friends were excited very much.

As I said, the dancefloor in the place was very comfortable to dance because of good lighting, awesome music and convenient dancefloor. We enjoyed that. Together with good design of walls and the whole interior, music created amazing atmosphere, and DJ always responded to clients wishes. Unfortunately, we didn’t try the karaoke but we suppose it was also awesome.

When we left Karaoker, we were really tired, but pleased very much by that place, and we are sure, that we will return to enjoy that place, atmosphere, good cuisine and awesome music again.

by Evgeny Cvetkov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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