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Daniel Kramer (piano)

On March 15, jazz pianist Daniel Kramer will perform with the Philharmonic Symphony orchestra under the direction of chief conductor Alexey Verhoeven.

The program was composed by Daniil Borisovich himself: Wolfgang Mozart's Concerto No. 12 for piano and orchestra in A major, Alexander Tsfasman's Jazz Suite for piano and orchestra, and benny Goodman and Charlie Christian's 7/11.

"His creative range is from Mozart to jazz and his own improvisations. He plays Mozart really well. I was once at a session of the Youth Symphony orchestra in 2003. the way he worked with the orchestra, how he talked about Mozart, about his music, how it should be played-it was great! Everyone knows Kramer as a jazz musician, but please-Mozart! This is interesting!"- says the conductor of The Russian Philharmonic orchestra Vasily Kormishin.

Daniil Kramer – people's artist of Russia. He was educated as an academic pianist at the Kharkiv secondary special music school. At the age of 15, he won the National competition as a pianist (I prize) and as a composer (II prize). In 1983, he graduated from the Gnesin State musical and pedagogical Institute (class of Professor E. ya. Lieberman). As a student, Kramer, along with classical music, begins to seriously study jazz, getting acquainted with the work of foreign and domestic jazz music performers. In 1982, he received the first prize at the competition of piano jazz improvisers in Vilnius (Lithuania). Today, Daniel Kramer is one of the main figures of Russian jazz.


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