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People's artist of the Russian Federation Valery Barinov

Painter of happiness-so called Konstantin Korovin contemporaries and fans of his talent.

Handsome, cheerful, kind, carefree, and generous to the point of recklessness-he was known and adored by all of Moscow. He loved life fervently, to the point of self-forgetfulness, and indulged in its pleasures with pleasure.

Born in 1861 in a rich merchant family (his grandfather was a merchant of the first Guild), he received a brilliant artistic education, studied under Alexey Savrasov and Vasily Polenov. Already in the 1880s, Konstantin Korovin became interested in a new artistic trend in Russia – impressionism. In addition to impressionist landscapes and still lifes, the artist created theatrical sets and designed pavilions for national and international exhibitions, as well as wrote short stories and memoir essays.

Korovin's art gives people the joy of knowing life and art, truth and beauty.

"I firmly declare—" the artist said— " that I am not writing for myself, but for all who can enjoy the sun, the infinitely diverse world of colors and shapes, and who never cease to be amazed at the ever-changing play of light and shadow."

All these words are applicable to his literary work. Korovin, the writer, was a great master of the word. His memoirs and stories were enthusiastically reviewed by friends of the artist. The famous cycle of "Christmas stories" was written by an artist who was already ill and lost his sight, or rather nadiktov. The stories were created in Paris, where he had to emigrate at the end of his life. They are fed with amazing warmth and light, love for nature and compassion for man. Konstantin Alexeyevich urges us to enjoy every day, enjoy and admire life in spite of any difficulties that lie in wait for us on the path of life.

This evening, Konstantin Korovin's prose will be presented to the Tolyatti audience by a true master of reading art – people's artist of Russia, famous theater and film actor Valery Barinov.

Valery Barinov's fans know him from his work in theater and cinema, he has played more than two hundred roles. His multi-faceted and truly universal talent is striking – all the roles are so diverse and diverse that sometimes it is simply impossible to determine the role of this famous actor. Everything is subject to him.

We will plunge into the world of Korovin's prose together with the music of Viktor Malyarov, Vera Gorodovskaya, and Alexander Tsygankov performed by the ensemble of soloists "Rhapsody of the Osipov orchestra of folk instruments of Russia".


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