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Trio from Andalusia, Spain

On March 21, the Tolyatti Philharmonic will perform the trio of Oscar Guzman with the program "Fire and passion of flamenco in Andalusia".

This will be an excursion into the art of flamenco from its origins to the present. Through guitar solos, songs, and dance.

Flamenco is almost two thousand years old. It was in Andalusia that rhythmic techniques were born and developed, later embodied in flamenco: snapping your fingers and clapping your hands in the rhythm of the dance. Love and death, suffering and passion are the main themes of flamenco songs and dances. But flamenco is not just music or dance. This is a whole art that takes for a living, expressing not only passion, fire, but also the unwillingness to put up with feelings that oppress a person. The extraordinary expression of real flamenco artists frees all emotions and eliminates fear and hesitation.

The trio, which will perform at the Togliatti Philharmonic, includes professionals: Fiona Malena (dance), Jose Ramirez (flamenco singer) and Oscar Guzman (guitar).


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