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3 March 2021
International meeting of representatives of TAOM and the Romaldo Del Bianco Foundation
26 March 2020
In Togliatti was closed USK "Olimp�
26 March 2020
Togliatti managed to hold a ski race with the veterans of the sport
26 March 2020
A forward from Tolyatti and a goalkeeper from Samara entered the TOP 25 of the strongest hockey players in Russia according to " SE�
26 March 2020
Tolyatti became the winners of the regional tennis championship
26 March 2020
Tolyatti became the bronze medalists of the national Cup of motorcycle racing on ice
26 March 2020
Tolyatti as part of the Russian team won the FIM Ice Speedway of Nations
10 March 2020
Maria Sinyuhina � silver medalist of the European championship on fencing in the team
10 March 2020
Togliatti basketball players with a major victory started in the semifinals of the Russian championship
28 February 2020
Togliatti's Sofia Palkina won the Russian championship with the Olympic standard
25 February 2020
Togliatti "Mega-Lada" became the silver medalist of the national team championship
20 February 2020
Tolyatti won four medals at the karate tournament in Ufa
18 February 2020
Lada finished the VHL regular season in first place in the division
14 February 2020
Tolyatti hockey player scored his 16th goal in the NHL season
14 February 2020
Named a new date for the "ski Track of Russia" in Togliatti
14 February 2020
Tolyatti basketball players reached the final of the Russian championship ahead of schedule
14 February 2020
The Winter ball Togliatti-2020 tournament is close to completion
14 February 2020
At the weekend, the motors will roar and the ice will boil again at the KVC circuit!
14 February 2020
In Togliatti, the authorities want to turn the College building into a hotel
12 February 2020
Tolyatti won the all-Russian hammer throw competition
11 February 2020
Togliatti Alexander Vyazovkin won the Indore World Rowing Championship
11 February 2020
New title of Togliatti karateka Chernysheva
6 February 2020
AvtoVAZ successfully started the year
6 February 2020
A new Soyuz sports complex has opened in Tolyatti
6 February 2020
At the weekend Togliatti will be surprised by festive events
6 February 2020
A new sports complex has been launched in Tolyatti
19 December 2019
Togliatti defeated Chelyabinsk BS "pioneer" in the semifinals of the basketball championship of the country
17 December 2019
The Tolyatti figure skater synchronized swimmers became the fourth in the "Fear Cup" in Holland.
17 December 2019
Togliatti hosts the regional tennis championship.
17 December 2019
Digital technologies from the "Zhigulevskaya Dolina" will work in Latin America
17 December 2019
In "Zhigulevskaya Dolina" were discussed innovations in the field of education.
17 December 2019
The "Zhigulevskaya Dolina" projects were highly appreciated by the Federal authorities.
17 December 2019
18 innovative projects were selected in the Technopark "Zhigulevskaya Dolina".
17 December 2019
From small business to large. Zhigulevskaya Dolina helps enterprises in their development
5 December 2019
Togliatti racers were part of the Russian national team on the cinder Speedway
5 December 2019
In Togliatti awarded nominal awards of the head of the city to persons with disabilities
5 December 2019
"Zhiguli valley" was visited by a delegation from Slovenia
5 December 2019
Samara region participates in The WorldSkills Russia championship
3 December 2019
"Lada-Vesta" won the next series of the championship of the UHL
3 December 2019
Tolyatti's Mikhail Melnik became the world champion in trampolining as part of the team
26 November 2019
Togliatti started in the international tournament Arcada Cup
26 November 2019
Racers ice "Mega-Lada" will perform in the semifinals of the personal championship of the country
26 November 2019
In Togliatti will host a visiting reception of the Deputy Minister of health of the region
21 November 2019
Italian square
Italian square
21 November 2019
Safe and high-quality roads
Safe and high-quality roads
21 November 2019
Digital platform ��������.��
Digital platform ��������.��
19 November 2019
Togliatti Alexander Soldatkin won the World Cup in hand-to-hand combat
19 November 2019
Samara region received the "Golden Sign"
19 November 2019
In Togliatti, created a souvenir, which was recognized as the best in Russia
7 October 2019
LADA Samara tops the ranking of the most popular cars among youth
7 October 2019
Togliattiazot has risen in the ranking of the largest Russian companies
3 October 2019
Samara Region and Russian Railways signed an agreement on the construction of railways to the special economic zone "Togliatti"
3 October 2019
The Special Economic Zone Tolyatti will receive 572 million rubles from the regional budget
3 October 2019
Ecological atlas of Togliatti
1 October 2019
XXV unified Expert Council of technology parks of the Samara region
According to the results of the XXV unified Expert Council of technology parks of the Samara region, 19 new innovative projects were selected for implementation in the Zhigulevskaya Valley.
1 October 2019
Samara and American scientists have created a laser to protect the planet from asteroids
1 October 2019
New flight: Samara - Sanya (China)

21 May 2019
X5 Retail Group wants to buy a "Pelikan" and "Mindal" in Togliatti
21 May 2019
Hockey team "Lada" signed a contract with Alexander Denezhkin
19 May 2019
The athlete from Togliatti won the gold of the Russian swimming championship among persons with a defeat of the musculoskeletal system
18 May 2019
AVTOVAZ won only one award in the award "Car of the year"
Only Lada Vesta and Gazelle Next van made their way from domestic cars to the list of winners of the annual auto award
10 October 2016
The Russians are exchanging the old cars for the LADA Vesta
It is known that more than a half of LADA Vesta cars are sold as �trade-in�.
10 October 2016
"The investigation was conducted" in Togliatti
29th of September in Togliatti there was shoot of one of a new episode "The investigation was conducted" with Leonid Kanevsky.
30 September 2016
Hryaschevka Challenge 2016 has finally finished
Hryaschevka Challenge had successfully held in Samara region for the fourth time. This extreme marathon took place near the Hryaschevka village.
23 September 2016
From the 23rd to 25thof September, everyone will be able to visit the Togliatti auto �MOTOREXPO 2016� exhibition.
23 September 2016
Hryashchevka Challenge 2016
On 24th September 2016 the 4th international extreme marathon "Hryashchevka Challenge" will be held in Samara region near the village Khryashchevka.
8 September 2016
"Boat 2016" show in Volzhsky
The whole three days, the yacht club "Murom" which is located in the town Volzhsky will become a platform for the exhibition of different kinds of boats.
12 June 2016
Samara region has risen in the ranking of Russian household wealth
Experts point out that in 2015 the economic crisis have led to a reduction in cash resources available to the family after the essential expenses.
12 June 2016
Slovenian manager will assist the President of AVTOVAZ
Ales Bratoz will help the new AVTOVAZ President, Nicolas Maure, in Togliatti.
27 April 2016
New president of the AVTOVAZ
The board of directors of the AVTOVAZ appointed Nicolas Maure as a new president.
10 March 2016
Mikhail Simonov - the winner of LADA Children's Cup in the winter kart 2016
On February 28th in Togliatti the children�s winter karting of LADA Children�s Cup was held on the PROKART go-cart track with the support of LADA Sport company.
27 January 2016
Traditional Togliatti Open Cup of winter simultaneous races
The KVC circuit prepared for the fans of motor sports an interesting event - Traditional Togliatti Open Cup of winter simultaneous races. The competition will include three stages.
19 January 2016
Togliatti Academy of Management celebrates 25 years!
The main principle of Academy training system: "Learn by doing". TAOM creates own projects and attracts external.
18 December 2015
A petting zoo will be open in Togliatti
Here you will be able not only to watch, but also pet and feed the animals. It is located in the shopping center �Rus na Volge� (�Rus on the Volga�, �Rus�).
16 December 2015
Karate Days in Togliatti
In December, two karate tournaments were held in Togliatti - a traditional "Friendship Cup" and qualification for the European Youth Championship, "Hope of Russia".
14 December 2015
Togliatti football teams won the 7th place in Russian Football Championship
On December 3rd in Sochi there were matches for the 5 to 10 places of the Russian Football Championship among national junior teams of the Russian Federation.
9 December 2015
Lada XRAY will receive exclusive colouring
The spectrum of colors will be widen due to the firm enamel developed especially for XRAY.
7 December 2015
A two-level junction will be built on the approaches to SEZ "Togliatti"
A two-level junction is planned to be built at the entrances to the first and third phases of "Togliatti" Special Economic Zone.
7 December 2015
President Vladimir Putin will arrive to Samara
The meeting of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Steering Committee will take place on December 8th in Samara with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Vitaly Mutko, Minister of Sport.
26 November 2015
RUSSIAN as a foreign language
�Alliance Française� and linguistic centre �Prime Time� invite you to learn RUSSIAN as a foreign language!
11 November 2015
AVTOVAZ will change the corporate style
AVTOVAZ intends to change the visual identity of the company.
10 November 2015
Children karting tournament �SMP Racing/Gazprom for kids� was started.
The first All-Russian karting tournament �SMP Racing/Gazprom for kids� began on October 17th, 2015.
6 November 2015
Presentation of a new racing car in Togliatti State University (TSU).
On October 13th the new race car of TSU�s team for Formula Student project was officially presented in the main building of TSU. Togliatti Racing Team named their new race car "Black Bullet".
8 October 2015
On 3-4 October, 2015 "TOGLIATTI DRYLAND FEST 2015" was held in Togliatti
"TOGLIATTI DRYLAND FEST 2015" is a regional competition in snowless sports disciplines, involving children and adults with dogs in more than 10 disciplines at various distances.
2 October 2015
On September 26- 27 there was a traditional extreme marathon "Hryaschyovka Challenge"
This is one of the most extreme and spectacular sporting events of Samara region.
29 September 2015
FC �Lada-Togliatti� showed its character in Kirov
Yesterday there were matches of 12th tour in the second championship. FC �Lada-Togliatti�, which plays in the �Ural-Volga region� zone, met FC �Dynamo� from Kirov.
10 September 2015
Deputy Prime-minister of the Russian Federation highly evaluated Vesta and XRAY
September, 6th, AVTOVAZ President Bo Inge Andersson performed a presentation of LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY for Dmitriy Rogozin, Deputy Prime-minister of the Russian Federation visiting Togliatti.
7 September 2015
LADA: result of sales in August 2015
JSC AVTOVAZ sum-ups preliminary results of car sales in August 2015. Total 20 174 LADA cars were sold within a month in Russia. Overall sales since beginning of 2015 made 181 804 cars.
8 July 2015
Lada market share exceeded 20%
Lada market share by results of year 2015 has claimed above 20%, such data contained in preliminary report of JSC AVTOVAZ on car sales within January-June 2015. In June 2014 the LADA share was 16%.
23 June 2015
Togliatti will be represented at the Russian-Italian round table in the State Duma
On June 24, 2015 the Russian-Italian round table "Russia and Italy. The Vectors of Youth integration: culture, science, education, and sport" will be held in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
16 June 2015
IMMOCHAN Company is launching a new project in Togliatti
The retail park �Acvarel Togliatti RetailPark� will be opened in 2016.
15 June 2015
Togliatti and Nagykanizsa - sister cities
June 4, 2015, the representatives of the Togliatti citys administration held a meeting with the official delegation of Nagykanizsa (Hungary) at the conference room of the Togliatti City Hall.
10 June 2015
AVTOVAZ increased the market share to 18,7%
The market share of LADA increased by 2,1% based on the results of 5 months of 2015 in comparison to a similar period of 2014 and reached 18,7% � a preliminary report of JSC AVTOVAZ on new cars sales in January-May 2015 contains such data.
2 June 2015
Bo Andersson became a Person of the Year in the Russian automotive industry
On may 25, 2015, by results of the All-Russian Contest TOP 5 AUTO, AVTOVAZ President was given the award in the Autoperson nomination for achievements in 2014 and 2015.
24 May 2015
Official delegation of Embassy of France in Moscow and economic mission of Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited Togliatti
Sergey Andreyev and Jean-Maurice Ripert signed a Protocol of Intent between the Embassy of France in the Russian Federation and the Mayor's Office of the city of Togliatti.
13 May 2015
Delegation from the partner city of Shenzhen visited Togliatti
May, 7-10, the official delegation of Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School (Shenzhen, China), headed by Cheng Hongbing, Ed.D., the Principal of Mingde School visited Togliatti on the eve of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
9 May 2015
The Night of Museums in Samara will take place on May 16
On May 16 in Samara once again there will take place an international event "The Long Night of Museums", in which the museums will prepare unusual evening entertainment for visitors.
7 May 2015
On May 8 the "Victory Waltz" will take place in Samara streets
The fancy-dress dancing program organized by Samara pupils will begin this Friday at 15.00 at the same time on 14 platforms of the city.
5 May 2015
Prince tournament in Togliatti
The best fencers of Russia, winners and prize-winners of the international competitions arrived in our city.
29 April 2015
On April 30 a French writer Didier Dufresne will visit Togliatti
On Thursday, 30th April Didier Dufresne will hold an artistic meeting at Avtograd Library.
20 April 2015
A museum of bats will be opened in "Samarskaya Luka"
It will be located in the basement of the former plant building of industrialist Vanyushin in the Shiryaevo village.
20 April 2015
New LADA logo
On April 1, 2015 AVTOVAZ presented the new logo of Lada at the car showroom "World of the Car", St. Petersburg, Russia.
13 April 2015
Ambassador of Luxembourg opened a plant in Togliatti
On April 8th Pierre Ferring, Luxembourg Ambassador to the Russian Federation, opened enterprise "AKKUMALYUKS RUS" in Togliatti.
13 April 2015
Business people from Togliatti are invited to China
The Ministry of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of Samara region will organize economic mission to the People's Republic of China. Togliatti businessmen can participate in a trip which will last from May 29 to June 6, 2015.
1 April 2015
Culinary master-class with Marin Taif
The first culinary master-class with Marin Taif from France took place on 26 March.
23 March 2015
"Kurumoch" airport increased the number of regional flights
The program, which launched in 2014, allows thousands of people to fly more often on vacation with family and friends in different parts of the country.
20 March 2015
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev praised the new LADA
LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY, the new promising cars of AvtoVAZ, have been praised by Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia.
18 March 2015
The memorial to the 50 anniversary of "AvtoVAZ"
In Togliatti there will be a new monument, a skate park and playgrounds.
16 March 2015
The logo of the Togliatti designer was included into the Logolounge digest
The logo which was developed by the Togliatti designer Pyotr Shcherbanos for the competition "Tourist Logo of the Samara Region" was included into the ninth digest Logolounge
12 March 2015
LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY will not be equipped with engines of the Renault company
According to preliminary data, several motors of AVTOVAZ production with capacity from 87 to 114 horsepower will be offered for the "Vesta".
5 March 2015
Photographer Caroline Schneider opens a school Drugim okem in Samara
Drugim okem photoschool started work on February 21st in Samara in the Museum of Modern Art.
2 March 2015
Montserrat Caballe can come for Togliatti festival "Classics on the Volga"
Currently, the organizers of the festival "Classics over Volga" negotiate with the Spanish agents of Montserrat Caballe.
1 March 2015
Puppet Theatre from Peru will arrive in Samara for the"Rainbow" festival
Preparations began for the International Festival of National Puppet Theatre "Rainbow" in Samara, which will be held in September this year for the sixth time.
27 February 2015
�Metallurg� arranged for revanche
HC �Lada� held the second match of the final home series against the "Metallurg" from Magnitogorsk.
27 February 2015
Fencer Alena Komarova from Samara won two medals at the Junior World Cup
On February 8th Alena Komarova won two medals at the Junior World Cup in Burgos (Spain).
25 February 2015
International Francophonie Day in Togliatti
International Francophonie Day is a celebration for everyone who speaks French, as well as all who learns and loves French.
19 February 2015
LADA Vesta will not be exported abroad for two years
At least two years after the launch of the car in the Russian market. About it the President of AVTOVAZ Bo Inge Andersson told to the Internet portal ��.
17 February 2015
The President of AVTOVAZ gave his Lada Largus VIP to the Head of Samara city administration
The President of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson presented his Lada Largus VIP to the Head of Samara city administration Oleg Fursov, as the city administration reports.
13 February 2015
The 4th Children's Lada Cup 2015 on winter karting started
On January 11, 2015, the 1st stage of the 4th Children's Lada Cup 2015 on winter karting started. Participants - children aged from 6 till 14 years.
12 February 2015
HC "Lada" has been out of the EHF Cup
�Lada� handball team couldn�t cope with Danish �Team Tvis� from Holstebro in the two-legged confrontation in the 1/8 finals of EHF Cup.
8 February 2015
Datsun opened the first motor show in Togliatti
Datsun brand belonging to the Japanese company Nissan opened the first motor show in Tolyatti. As "Avtostat" reports, the new showroom Datsun opened on January 21 on Zastavnoy Street, next to Nissan dealer center.
4 February 2015
Sales of Datsun have been growing for the 4th month in a row
Being implemented in Russia under the Japanese car brand Nissan Motor Company shipped to customers 5104 cars Datsun on-DO saloon at the end of December 2014.
31 January 2015
The concert of "On-The-Go" band
The �On-The-Go� band which is founded in Togliatti is arriving in Samara after the European tour. As musical critics say, this band is one of the main Russian indie-bands, especially after the release of their third album �Young Hearts� in spring of the last year.
26 January 2015
Domestic movie got the Golden Globe Award
The Andrei Zvyagintsev tape �Leviathan� received the �Golden Globe� in the category �Best Foreign Film�. Valery Grishko, the chief director of Samara Drama Theatre, acted the role of the priest in the movie.
22 January 2015
Inhabitants of the Samara region celebrated a new holiday
January, 13 is listed as the Day of the Samara province in the local calendar. The decree on its creation was signed on the 13th of January. Various celebrations were held in the region on this occasion: exhibitions, competitions and performances of creative groups.
20 January 2015
American Journal of Economics and Control Systems Management was published
This issue contains a number of selected papers consolidated by a general idea of cooperation between Slovenian and Russian business.
17 December 2014
In the Samara region investment sites for the construction of hotels for World Cup 2018 are defined
According to Lana Klyueva, a senior operations manager at MATCH Accommodation 2018 in Russia, an additional number of rooms of the highest category - four and five stars - must be prepared in the Samara region for representatives of FIFA and football teams.
12 December 2014
Increase in prices is continuing in Togliatti
Currently, the conducting of daily operational monitoring of 40 food items (prices are monitored for 2-3 brands for each product of an inexpensive price segment) 15 objects of the consumer market is continuing under the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation 06.08.2014 �560.
10 December 2014
The Bulgarian delegation visited Togliatti
On the 3rd and 4th of December the Bulgarian delegation visited Togliatti with the proposal about the cooperation in the field of sanatorium-resort
8 December 2014
Ranking of popular professions in Togliatti
The HeadHunter company analysed vacancies published on the website around the city of Togliatti in November, 2014. It made a rating of the most demanded professional areas in the city labor market.
3 December 2014
Regional robots R2D2 championship ended in Samara
In Samara, on the basis of the "Expo-Volga" exhibition center the II regional championship of mobile "R2-D2" robots took place in the framework of the international exhibition-forum �Education. The science. Business � 2014�.
1 December 2014
�AVTOVAZ� bought �Rostec� plant for assembly robots production
Only in Russia AVTOVAZ regained the Volga Engineering Plant (VEP) as a supplier. It produces assembly robots, dies and molds for automotive industry. The company sold it in 2013 for the debts of the State Corporation �Rostec�.
28 November 2014
No staff reduction at AVTOVAZ plant
How to keep the team in unfavorable economic situation, when the demand is reduced and the manufacturing is optimized?
27 November 2014
The final stage of the competition "The Bridge of Cultures � Russia and Germany" will pass in Togliatti
The interregional charity public foundation "Interkultura" (AFS of Russia) and the German cultural center of Goethe will conduct this stage of the competition.
27 November 2014
Attention! �hanges in traffic regulations!
The government of the Russian Federation as a separate decree to the Traffic regulations specified actions of drivers and pedestrians at unregulated pedestrian crossings.
13 November 2014
Elections of mayors are cancelled
Today at an emergency meeting in Samara Regional Duma in two readings the deputies adopted a new law. It is about the order of election of mayors in Samara Region.
11 November 2014
The first stage of construction of "Zhigulevskaya gemchygina" should be completed in 2018
Head of the Department of Tourism of the Samara region Mikhail Maltsev and director of the National Park "Samarskaya Lyka" Alexander Governors presented project of tourist and recreational complex "Zhigulevskaya gemchygina" in a business incubator in Togliatti.
11 November 2014
GM-AVTOVAZ came out of idle
On Thursday, November, 6, LLC �GM-AVTOVAZ� resumed production after almost a week of downtime, reports.
The production was stopped in the second shift on October, 31. The compelled idle time in the automobile plant was explained by deficiency of separate components for Chevrolet Niva.
11 November 2014
Fabio Mastrangelo will become an artistic director of forthcoming "Classics over Volga"
Fabio Mastrangelo will become the artistic director of the festival �Classics over Volga� in 2015, the Togliatti department of culture reported. It takes place in summer in Avtograd.
9 November 2014
Kurumoch will receive a billion rubles
Federal Enterprise "Administration of Civil Airports" (Moscow) intends to allocate about one billion rubles to the reconstruction and modernization of the international airport Kurumoch. The funds will come from the federal budget. Documents have been posted on the portal of public procurement.
6 November 2014
�Lada� lost to Sochi
The whole first period of the game with �Sochi� was a true struggle. There weren�t any scoring chances, but on the last minute Togliatti had a couple of opportunities to take a lead. Martin Zatovic didn�t score on a penalty shot, and on the last seconds Alexander Streltsov hit the bar.
5 November 2014
The �Night of the Arts� in Samara city
The "Night of the Arts" for the second time was held in Samara city on November, 3 and 4 Three museums, a gallery "Victoria" and the Opera and Ballet Theater took part in this event.
27 October 2014
A delegation from Togliatti visited Wolfsburg
The purpose of the visit was to study the experience of Wolfsburg in creating and developing innovative economy and infrastructure of the municipal economy.
22 October 2014
"Lada" lost "Rubin-2" in Togliatti for the first time
In the last match of 2014 for the first time "Lada-Togliatti" lost �Rubin-2� in the history of these teams� confrontation in the second division � 2:0.
22 October 2014
The seventh Lada's home win
Coaches had to make changes in �Lada�s� roster for the game against �Medvezhchak� because of Alexander Chernikov�s injury, mixed almost all the lines.
21 October 2014
�Lada� Togliatti met �Dynamo� Minsk in the Championship of KHL
Comparing with the previous game with �Atlant�, coaching staff of �Lada� made minimum changes: instead of Alexander Streltsov, Dmitri Stulov, a defenseman, went on the ice. He recovered after the injury, having got in the game with �Salavat Yulaev�.
21 October 2014
Head of the region held a meeting with the Ambassador of Sweden
On October 7-12th, 2014 there were the Days of Sweden in Samara region. In the period of event a meeting of Nikolai Merkushkin, Governor of Samara region, with Veronica Bard Bringeus, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Sweden was held.
19 October 2014
�Lada� beats "Atlant" in SO
On the 18th of October �Lada� Togliatti held the next match in the championship of KHL. The opponent was the "Atlant" from Moscow Region.
Three periods weren�t enough to determine the winner. OT went without goals, and in the period of shootouts Andrey Nikitenko scored the game winner- 2:1.
16 October 2014
Lada�s draw syndrome continues
The Igor Kechaev�s team continued their lose-lose streak in the matches of second championship, having played home draw with "Neftekhimik" from Nizhnekamsk.

"These draws have already stuffed on edge" - with this phrase the Lada-Togliatti�s head coach Igor Kechaev began his post-match comments.
16 October 2014
Lecture "Short history of a video art"
Within a personal exhibition of Vladimir Logutov "Alternative spaces" Department of the modern art that serves as a multi-functional exhibition venue with assistance of the Art Commune: TITO gives a series of lectures and workshops.

First lecture was conducted on 14 October, 18:30 pm.
16 October 2014
Hryaschevka Challenge
"Hryaschevka Challenge" is an extreme sports competition where participants overcome the distance over rough terrain with a variety of artificially created obstacles.

The Second International extreme marathon was held on September 27th, 2014.
10 October 2014
"Lada-Togliatti" lost the underdog
Igor Kechaev�s team suffered the third defeat in a row: on Friday our players, leading in the score, lost the outsider of "Ural-Volga region" zone � �Nosta� from Novotroick.
2 October 2014
Lada lost Kovalchuk � 2:4
At the new arena recently returned to the CHL HC �Lada� hasn�t hosted an opponent of such rank yet. So it�s not surprising that Saturday's match against St. Petersburg�s SKA gathered the full stands. In the part of the guests the world champion Ilya Kovalchuk came, and the former head coach of Russia hockey team Vyacheslav Bykov trained SKA.
30 September 2014
�Salavat Yulaev� was stronger than �Lada�
Having arrived home after four matches without wins our hockey players were eager to please their fans and start the meeting at fairly high speeds. At the same time the guests owing hot support of their fans, who came from Togliatti in a very big amount, moved the game into "Lada" zone.
28 September 2014
Failures continue
�Lada-Togliatti"players couldn�t interrupt their lose-lose streak and lost "Zenit" from Izhevsk � 1:3.
19 September 2014
"Lada" lost the Finnish "Jokerit"
Present "Jokerit" is really strong. Team lineup includes players from both Finland hockey team and the National Hockey League. Erkka Westerlund, the main coach, has recently headed the national team.
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