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28 September 2014

Failures continue

Failures continue

“Lada-Togliatti" players couldn’t interrupt their lose-lose streak and lost "Zenit" from Izhevsk – 1:3.

At the beginning of the match it didn’t take much time for the guests to get in the game. Already in the sixth minute Maxim Malakhovskii , the former player of our team, brought "Zenit-Izhevsk" forward. By the end of the first halfIgor Men’shhikov’s team managed to double the advantage in the score. "Lada-Togliatti" defenders overslept bending the ball to Victor Borisov, who freely kicked it to the top corner of Sergei Volkov’s goals.

After the break the game didn’t change dramatically. Thanks to Artem Aksonenko and Nikita Shashkov, two “motor” wingers, our players were able to organize the intrigue at the end of the fight. From the cross of Aksonenko Nikita Shashkov made a header having scored his first goal for the "Lada".

Then“Lada” could equalize, but "Zenit"defenders miraculously mastered the pressure of the home team. After that a famous expression “if you don’t score – you miss” worked. The 72nd minute: Rustem Kanipov set the final score of the match, having just met the corner cross to head the goal.

"Lada-Togliatti" - "Zenit-Izhevsk" (Izhevsk) 1:3 (0:2)

Goals: 0:1 Malakhovskii (6), 0:2 V.Borisov (41), 1:2 Shashkov (66), 1:3 Kanipov (72)

"Lada-Togliatti”: Volkov,Monov, Smirnov, Redya, Sergeev, V.Larionov (Petrik, 65), Kurbanadamov, Pustozerov, Pavlov (Shashkov, 46), Tokarev (Aksonenko, 58), Ovechkin

"Zenit-Izhevsk" (Izhevsk): Medvedev, Kanipov, Potapov, Tsygantsov, Mukhametzyanov (S.Borisov 70), Simanov, Doroshenko (Romanov, 73), Malakhovskii, V.Borisov (Tyupikov 65), Poljakov(Antonnikov, 75) E.Larionov (Zhdanov, 77)

Warnings: Potapov (48, foul play)

Judge: Rybakov(Ulyanovsk)

1100 spectators."Torpedo" stadium. Togliatti. September 28, 2014.

by Dmitriy Guskov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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