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10 October 2014

"Lada-Togliatti" lost the underdog

"Lada-Togliatti" lost the underdog

Igor Kechaev’s team suffered the third defeat in a row: on Friday our players, leading in the score, lost the outsider of "Ural-Volga region" zone – “Nosta” from Novotroick.

Starting minutes of this match were marked by undisputed territorial and competitive advantage of the home team. Finally on the 10th minute Togliatti pressure was paid off: Maxim Tokarev from the second attempt to kick the ball apart the goaltender Anton Labutin, played elegantly by the heel in front of the goalkeeper. However, leading in the score hasn’t been lasting for a long time. In 9 minutes after the corner cross near Sergei Volkov’s gates Stanislav Reznikov was the first, who got the ball, and kicked it between post and cross bar.

Both teams had to start a play off with a clean slate. The ardor of “Lada-Togliatti" players came to nought in the remaining part of the first half. This fact gave the game advantage to the guests of "Torpedo" stadium in the second half of the match. “Novotroychane” forced Igor Kechaev’s team to depart in defense. So on the 63rd minute of the match another corner by "steelworkers”, as it turned out, brought strong-willed victory to Oleg Sinelobov’s team. Pavel Orlov jumped out above all players and knocked the header with no chance to the goalkeeper.

Maxim Tokarev, the captain of "Lada-Togliatti":

- Probably we were knocked down by the draw’s series. Basically we always played well, but time after time we passed in the end. Therefore, we don’t have psychological confidence. When we sacrificed, we had a serious failure. So there were mistakes, unnecessary losses of the ball.

"Lada-Togliatti" - "Nosta" (Novotroick) 1:2 (1:1)

Goals: 1:0 Tokarev (10), 1:1 Reznikov (19), 1:2 Orlov (63)

"Lada-Togliatti”: Volkov, Monov, Smirnov, Redya (Vasilyev, 73), Sergeev, Petrik (Geryugov 52), Pustozerov, Kurbanadamov (Larionov, 66), Shashkov (Aksonenko 46), Tokarev, Ovechkin

"Nosta" (Novotroick): Labutin (Kozlov, 46), Salihov, Orlov, Sorokin, Sadykov, Eliseev, Evgrafov, Halillulov (Efimov, 57), Karpuhin (Pershakov, 86), Reznikov (Gordeev, 62), Habibullin (Petchenkin 82)

Warnings: Halillulov (53, unsportsmanlike conduct), Monov (62, unsportsmanlike conduct), Ovechkin (86, foul play)

Judge: Shultz (Chelyabinsk)

800 spectators. "Torpedo" stadium. Togliatti. October 10th, 2014.

by Dmitriy Guskov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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