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30 September 2014

“Salavat Yulaev” was stronger than “Lada”

“Salavat Yulaev” was stronger than “Lada”

On September, 30 the next match of the KHL "Lada" played against "Salavat Yulaev" from Ufa.

Having arrived home after four matches without wins our hockey players were eager to please their fans and start the meeting at fairly high speeds. At the same time the guests owing hot support of their fans, who came from Togliatti in a very big amount, moved the game into "Lada" zone. The opponents got a numerical advantage after Dmitry Stulov’s minor and opened the score: on the 10th minute Andrei Zubarev and Dmitry Makarov brought to the one-timer Ilkka Heikkinen, who was accurate from the center ice - 0:1. After the skipped puck the game went on a collision course. However, due to confident actions of goaltenders (Jeffrey Glass and Vitaly Koval) the score on the cube didn’t change till the break.

The beginning of the second period was for the owners, but the puck still didn’t want to go to the target. In equal lineups in this period "Lada" greatly exceeded “Salavat Yulaev” in many components, but couldn’t realize its advantage in goals. In addition, at the last minute an unpleasant incident happened to Dmitry Stulov during the guests’ attack. He got injured by hitting the puck in his face. The defender was taken on a stretcher from the ice.

The third period was more successful for the guests: due to their activity they got power play. Ufa team couldn’t use the opportunity, but forced the hosts to lose concentration. That mistake played a low-down trick with “Lada”: Antti Pihlstrom and Kirill Koltsov broke through the defenses, made the pass to Evgeny Skachkov, who without any obstacles scored from the uncovered corner - 0:2.


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