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5 November 2014

The źNight of the Arts╗ in Samara city

The źNight of the Arts╗ in Samara city

The "Night of the Arts" for the second time was held in Samara city on November, 3 and 4 Three museums, a gallery "Victoria" and the Opera and Ballet Theater took part in this event.

"Victoria" gallery

Hot punch and light snacks accompanied exhibition "2.0. Twenty years of Russian contemporary art╗. The program was limited. There were two exhibition tours and poetic flash mob, in which participants read poems of famous Russian poets.

The Art Museum

In the Art Museum the night was devoted to realism. The reason to this theme was an exhibition, located in the halls: paintings by Ilya Repin and Mikhail Nesterov. At the same time there was an exhibition of realism artists from Togliatti city that was opened directly to the cultural festival.

Besides picturesque program, a performance with music and dance was offered. Organizers invited notorious artists from Samara to create new works on the theme of realism. In foyer of the museum Andrey Danilov, artist, painted portraits of all visitors. Frol Veseliy, the author of politicized brutal pictures, repeated his well-known work depicting half-full glass. In the hall of the museum Vladimir Zhirnov also updated his old job full of his own colorful autographs.

Vadim Sushko has painted the night rural landscape.

An exhibition from art group "New Look" was successful. Very beautiful pictures by Igor Panov and his disciples Evgeny Utkin, Armen Karapetyants and others were delighted with artistic realization. This exhibition lasts until November, 9.

Museum of Art Nouveau

The night in the Museum of Art Nouveau began with the choreography performance "Modern meets avant-garde."

The highlight of the evening was a presentation of the project "House" from artist Sergey Balandin, who proposed to erect in Russia a huge źKhrushchev╗ studio into pieces. After the opening of Sergey Balandinĺs exhibition a jazz jam from the lead singer Arsene Marusheva of "Mama does not know" and "Movement" (jazz club) started in the cinema.

Museum of Literature

The staff of the museum of Literature were arranged a quest for guests in which they had to roam the manor with a target to extorting codeword from Pinocchio. Guests could enter the museum only with a secret signal. Finally they needed to knock four times - and then they could enter the museum.

The theme of the evening was inspired by the image of Count Cagliostro from the novel by Alexei Tolstoy and a movie by Mark Zakharov.

Georgy Kvantrishvili gave a performance "Talk to the poet," and if you wanted to take part in it you were to sit and wait for your turn to speak with one of the brightest and most charismatic poets of Samara city.

The organizers tried to maintain the image of "magic crystal ball", having shown a triptych video "The center of the flash is stationary" by Oleg Elagin, where night landscapes were shot through a glass bowl. Timur Novikov arranged audioperformance which included session with mysterious alchemical sounds, color ramps, and goat skulls which were cooked in countless flasks.

by Kristina Bukaeva, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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