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11 November 2014

The first stage of construction of "Zhigulevskaya gemchygina" should be completed in 2018

The first stage of construction of "Zhigulevskaya gemchygina" should be completed in 2018

Head of the Department of Tourism of the Samara region Mikhail Maltsev and director of the National Park "Samarskaya Lyka" Alexander Governors presented project of tourist and recreational complex "Zhigulevskaya gemchygina" in a business incubator in Togliatti.

The project of TRC "Zhigulevskaya gemchygina" passed the competitive selection of investment projects of regions of Russian and it is supposed for inclusion in the program "Development of internal and entrance tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)", starting with the 2016th.

The next year, according to Mikhail Maltsev, will spend to design objects of engineering infrastructure and pass the state examination.

From the federal budget on realization of an invention will try to receive a little more than 2,420 billion rubles, the regional treasury will invests 461 million and even 13,925 billion will need to attract extra-budgetary sources. And investors interest is already there, especially in the construction of hotels.

At the first stage of the project (until 2018) plan to build a ropeway "Samara-Rozhdestveno" through the Volga with a capacity of 900 people per an hour, hospitality and recreational complexes, highway Podgora - Shiryaevo length of 15 km.

At the second stage in Shiryaevo will build up to 690 of numbers in hotels and apartments, will arrange well a beach, will create a golf course, sports and improving complexes, reconstruct the mooring for water passenger transport, will make water airfield for small aircraft and equip yacht-club.

At the third stage in the village of Podgora will create to 600 of numbers, will also equip a beach and a golf course. At the fourth stage will develop Rozhdestveno's territory (to 700 numbers, the ethnographic village and an entertainment complex).

We will note that construction of the alpine skiing complex which caused most of all complaints from the public, it is supposed in Shiryaevo and Podgora. However, whether the idea is realized it will be still not known as it requires the largest investment and has the longest payback period.

Maltsev specified that TRC will be created first of all for inhabitants of the Samaras region. Also he will allow to carry out engineering infrastructure to the villages which are on the territory of Samara Luka and will give 650 new workplaces. To national park, according to Gubernatorov, the project promises the solution of problems of recycling, destruction of natural monuments by unorganized tourists. And receiving funds for arrangement and maintenance of the park as it should be.


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