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22 October 2014

"Lada" lost "Rubin-2" in Togliatti for the first time

"Lada" lost "Rubin-2" in Togliatti for the first time

In the last match of 2014 for the first time "Lada-Togliatti" lost “Rubin-2” in the history of these teams’ confrontation in the second division – 2:0.

This match became the last home game for Igor Kechaev’s team this year, as the final tour, which will take place in October, 28, according to the games’ calendar Togliatti passed. However our players couldn’t please the fans by long-awaited victory before the six-month break. They firstly allowed the opponents to take the three points in the history of this rivals’ confrontation and became "record-breakers" in a number of matches without a victory in a row.

As the head coach Igor Kechaev said during post-match press-conference, a strong influence on the team game was provided by numerous injuries. One of the injuries happened with the striker Andrew Ovechkin the day before. At the pre-game training he broke his leg. Therefore today in Togliatti’s application there were only four substitutes, who were ready to go out in the field. Almost immediately the guests took the initiative to their feet after the starting whistle. However till the break “Lada” goalkeeper Sergei Volkov and defenders played cohesively. As a result - 0:0 on the scoreboard.

After the break the pace and content of the game haven’t changed dramatically. Perhaps the most notable event in the break was appearance the guests’ defender Taras Burlak on the substitution. He had an experience of playing in the national team of Russia (1 match). He helped to build tight defensive cordon in their own penalty area. On the 64th minute "Lada-Togliatti" defenders’ mistake cost hosts a missed goal.

In the middle of the second half Aznaur Geryugov could revive the intrigue in this match, but he couldn’t catch the ball in order to send it into the empty gates, which had been left by Yuri Nesterenko. Alexander Smirnov’s attempts to benefit something from the standards were also unsuccessful. A couple of times the central defender took a free kick: to the target - but in the goalkeeper’s hands. Four minutes before the end of the match “Lada-Togliatti” defenders overlooked for an opponent again: this time it was Michael Petrolay, who kicked in touch at the corner of Volkov’s gates. After the match not only the players, but also the coaches came out to talk to the fans. Next match with "Lada-Togliatti’s" participation will be held on the 18th of April in the second division: our players will play on the road with "Chelyabinsk".

"Lada-Togliatti" - "Rubin-2» (Kazan) 0:2 (0:0)

Goals: 0:1 Galiakberov (64), 0:2 Petrolay (86)

“Lada-Togliatti”: Volkov, Monov, Smirnov, Redya, Sergeev, Petrik, Pustozerov, Larionov (Vasilyev, 72), Davydov (Shashkov, 46), Tokarev, Geryugov

“Rubin-2” (Kazan): Nesterenko, Sitdikov, Sorokin, Askarov (Burlak, 46), Kibardin, Samigullin, Ayupov (Petrolay 46), Bikchantaev (Lobanov, 67), Shadrin, Bocharov (Jalilov, 75), Galiakberov (Habibullin, 88)

Warnings: -

Judge: Shishkin (Izhevsk)

250 spectators. "Torpedo" stadium. Togliatti. October 22nd, 2014.

by Dmitriy Guskov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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