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28 November 2014

No staff reduction at AVTOVAZ plant

No staff reduction at AVTOVAZ plant

How to keep the team in unfavorable economic situation, when the demand is reduced and the manufacturing is optimized?

First of all, the problem of firing employees will be solved by redeploying them within the company. The redeployment will be implemented in the car manufacturing plant Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Partly this problem was solved as a result of employee’s turnover. Every year more than 8000 workers leave AVTOVAZ. Expired work places are occupied by other workers from the factory, not new employees.

The novelty in the AVTOVAZ in the field of personnel management is the fivefold payment for an employee who leaves the company. This compensation is a good basis for a person before he will find a new job.

Togliatti is one of those cities where the level of unemployment is 1.1%, and the amount of job vacancies in companies and factories is more than a number of potentially jobless people.

The regional Ministry of labor, employment and migration had already approved the plan of measures to help dismissed people. The Employment center had organized the hotline with experts’ consultation on the basis of their own call-center. This program is necessary for dismissed people to find new job quickly.

By the way, now more than 347 people, who applied to the Employment center, are employed, 93 people were forwarded to apprentice training and 644 people got career guidance service. 

by Kristina Bukaeva, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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