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17 December 2014

In the Samara region investment sites for the construction of hotels for World Cup 2018 are defined

In the Samara region investment sites for the construction of hotels for World Cup 2018 are defined

According to Lana Klyueva, a senior operations manager at MATCH Accommodation 2018 in Russia, an additional number of rooms of the highest category - four and five stars - must be prepared in the Samara region for representatives of FIFA and football teams.

As Klyueva says: “The delegation of FIFA is a group of people that coordinates games, is responsible for security and medical support of football teams. Requirements for placing them are hotels of the highest category. Moreover, they will need offices for meetings, conferences and press conferences. They actually need organized accommodation away from home, because they spend about six weeks in Samara. For teams there also should be luxury hotels. It is necessary to comply with special requirements: ensuring privacy, security, isolation from other guests.”

A detailed project of planning the territory adjacent to Samara stadium was developed during preparation for the 2018 World Cup. Tourist infrastructure is taken into account by the project, in addition to sports and transport infrastructures. It is planned that by the world football tournament, in the region several new hotels will be built, and areas for construction are already defined.

In particular, land with total area of 48 thousand square meters is reserved for the construction of two new hotels near the stadium. Highest-category hotels will be placed next to the bus station and the planned terminus of speed tram and will include 200 and 150 rooms.

The second area for the hotels’ construction is assigned in the territory of the future "Gagarin center", a scientific area for the development of innovative projects. Here investors are invited to build a hotel complex of highest category, from two to eight floors.

The third area is located near the entrance to the congress and exhibition center. There are plans to build there a hotel complex with 200 rooms. The center will host interregional and international exhibitions, and at other times will serve as a seating area and entertainment for citizens.

On the territory of the National Park "Samarskaya Luka" it is planned to implement the project "Zhigulevskaya zhemchuzhina" for people enjoying outdoor recreation. This project includes a hotel with 2 thousand rooms and sports infrastructure.

"Today the most ambitious urban development projects in the history of the Samara region are developed. Now we are preparing investment lots for housing and business goals. In particular, we have identified several areas for the hotel infrastructure. The state prepared a huge budget for projects investing, but the presence of private investors is also required”, said Svetlana Kolesova, the Deputy Head of the Department of Spatial Planning and Urban Development of the Regional Ministry of Construction.

by Ivan Muzalevskiy, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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