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16 October 2014

Lecture "Short history of a video art"

Lecture "Short history of a video art"

Within a personal exhibition of Vladimir Logutov "Alternative spaces" Department of the modern art that serves as a multi-functional exhibition venue with assistance of the Art Commune: TITO gives a series of lectures and workshops.

First lecture "Short History of a Video art" was conducted on 14 October, 18:30 pm.

Video art is special type of contemporary media art which relies on moving pictures and comprises video and/or audio data. The Images in a video art are overlapping, changing and transforming to abstract objects. The movement is preserved, but filtered and mixed with noise & sound, that creates loops & bubbles. These artworks are experimental and open for dialogue, have a large number of interpretations, reviewing contemporary life and modernity and restoring the scene of modern history.

Existing in realities of "intuitive interfaces", a video art is treated to the fields of arts, closest to the modern viewer.

The main thesis statement of this lecture was "To watch a video art, it is necessary to have a video eye".

All understand that it is necessary to be able to look at works of modern artists. Especially this ability is necessary to watch and understand a video art. Unlike cinema, it isn't held down by a plot and sometimes misleads the viewer simplicity.

Sergey Balandin on his lecture told about the key figures of a video art of the second half of the XX century, showcases their works, explain the basis of the artists approach and the main strategy of a video art, gave keys to understanding of a modern video art.

Domestic artist Sergey Balandin the lecturer of a new format. From those, at lectures at which anybody doesn't miss. Performance artist, popular scandalous identity of modern Samara bohemia. He collects tears on actions and is sure that knows how to change modern educational system. The participant of exhibitions in Moscow, Perm, Germany, Lithuania and Armenia knows the modern art as very few people in Samara.

by Nina Bykova, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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