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19 February 2015

LADA Vesta will not be exported abroad for two years

LADA Vesta will not be exported abroad for two years

At least two years after the launch of the car in the Russian market. About it the President of AVTOVAZ Bo Inge Andersson told to the Internet portal “”. According to him, all terms are preliminary: Andersson is very cautious in his statements about the long term "Vesta" abroad.

The priority markets for AVTOVAZ are Kazakhstan, as well as the countries in Africa, Latin America and Middle East. In this order according to their degree of importance. “Lada Vesta” will be produced at the new plant in Kazakhstan, which will start  in 2016. 

When “Lada Vesta” will appear in Europe no one can say. In September, the EU’s new standards on toxicity vehicles “Euro 6” come into effect. In the motor range “Lada Vesta” there are three motors: 87 and 106 HP, which comply with a standard “Euro-4”, and one motor 114 HP of Renault-Nissan Alliance, which is likely to correspond to "Euro-5". But AVTOVAZ has promising developments in the sphere of eco-friendly engines and power plants - in the last year the MIT conducted the testing of hybrid versions of “Lada Granta”.

As previously reported, in summer of 2015 three models of “LADA” will correspond to the ecostandard "Euro-6". This are “Lada 4x4”, “Lada Granta” and “Lada Kalina”. “Lada Vesta” will be launched in September, and then the Department of export have to do the assessment of consumer demand for certain versions of the car in a particular foreign market, but all it will happen after AVTOVAZ will make sure which of the 12 available complete sets for "Vesta" leave in Russia, that is, after studying the main native market for new products.

Last week at "IzhAvto" illustrative Assembly of Lada Vesta was carried out on serial technology.

by Irina Chufistova, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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