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27 February 2015

Metallurg arranged for revanche

Metallurg arranged for revanche

HC «Lada» held the second match of the final home series against the "Metallurg" from Magnitogorsk. 

It’s worth noticing immediately that "Lada" remain without points again, but in comparison with the previous meeting against this opponent our team was in a step away from overtime. 

Before the start of the match the new sweater was raised under the arches of the arena. The first president Konstantin Sakharov "top" got the “neighbor” - Vladimir Shihanov’s sweater - long-time leader, "Lada" captain and its recordsman.

From the very beginning of the match Togliatti looked pretty persuasive: attacked on the guests’ gate, but this confidence can‘t be compared with two Magnitogorsk’s pucks in the first period. The score 0:3 in the second part of the meeting suggested the strange thoughts  of how "Lada" could win "foxes" in an away match. And what things and points our team loses, that acted in the attack so constrained.

It looked like game over when Denis Platonov made it 4:1 in the 54th minute, adding to two earlier Sergei Mozyakin's goals. However, the goal shake, which the guests organized, gave a new impetus to Togliatti. Finally "Lada" caught its game and almost caught up in the score two minutes before the final siren. Dmitry Vorobyov and Alexander Streltsov scored in the closing stages to make it a nervous finish for the defending champion. But one missed puck became fatal for "Lada" in the game.

20th February. «Lada» - «Metallurg» (Magnitogorsk) – 3:4 (0:2, 1:1, 2:1) 

«Lada» (6): Glass (Semenov, 40.00-  58.53); Barancev – Vorob'ev, Ogurcov – Podhradski (2), Stulov – Shulakov, Romanov – Sloboda (2);  Chernikov – Petrov – Golubev (2), Belousov – Nikitenko – Shenfel'd, Fedorov – V.Strel'cov – A.Strel'cov, Valujskij – Sharov – Zatjovich.

«Metallurg» (12): Koshechkin; Birjukov (4) – Li, Tereshhenko (2) – Batyrshin, Habarov – Malen'kih, Bereglazov (2); Mozjakin – Kovarzh – Zaripov, Platonov – Kosov – Potehin, Timkin (2) – Brent – Zaharov, Osala (2) – Jun'kov – Jakucenja, Kamenev.

Pucks: 0:1 Mozjakin (Zaripov, Kovarzh, 08.45), 0:2 Kamenev (Malen'kih, Jakucenja, 18.29), 0:3 Mozjakin (Kovarzh, Li, 36.12, bol), 1:3 Zatjovich (Glass, Valujskij, 39.12), 1:4 Platonov (53.01), 2:4 Vorob'ev (Sloboda, Fjodorov, 55.09, bol.), 3:4 A.Strel'cov (V.Strel'cov, 58.01)

by Dmitriy Guskov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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