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16 October 2014

Lada’s draw syndrome continues

Lada’s draw syndrome continues

The Igor Kechaev’s team continued their lose-lose streak in the matches of second championship, having played home draw with "Neftekhimik" from Nizhnekamsk.

"These draws have already stuffed on edge" - with this phrase the Lada-Togliatti’s head coach Igor Kechaev began his post-match comments. It is not for the first time in this season when our team can't win, leading in the score: there were four such matches. And once again it should be recognized that both halves of Lada-Togliatti's game differ from each other in terms of game content. “Rolling out” the opponent in the first half changes into bending the ball to the penalty area in the second. Twice Togliatti led in the score and then allowed its opponent to restore the status quo.

In our starting lineup there was one change that eventually allowed the owners to get one point in the match. For the first time in the last few matches Igor Kechaev gave the striker Andrew Ovechkin the chance to play on the field from the first minutes. And such confidence of the coaching staff was paid off. It was Andrew who made a great kick on the 17th minute and grabbed the lead, thus having made a serious bid for the title – the best goal of September in "Ural-Volga" zone. In two minutes, Ovechkin’s name could have been on "Torpedo" stadium scoreboard again, but the striker failed in kicking the ball.

Inspired by this success the Lada-Togliatti’s players continued their attacks and, in general, controlled the match till the break. However the harmless free kick allowed Andrew Sitchihin’s team to squeeze a goal in the locker room: Alexey Fedorov threw the ball into the center, where Maxim Fedoseyev was the first to get it. His strong shot punched the hands of our goalkeeper. After a serious conversation in the locker room Togliatti’s footballers tried to storm the gates of the goalkeeper Sergey Losev. And the pressure had its effect: the hero of the first half, Andrew Ovechkin, was hit by the defender in the penalty area. Alexei Pustozerov went to take a penalty. Although his first attempt was unsuccessful, he was the first on finishing the ball into the top of the enemy gates’ grid.

But the third consecutive defeat was not included in the plans of "Oil Chemists' (the nickname of “Neftehimik”). A goal back didn’t keep waiting for long: on the 84th minute Denis Arlashin broke through on the right side and centred the ball, which was realised by Denis Muhametdinov. He put the bullet in the game.

"Lada-Togliatti" - "Neftekhimik" (Nizhnekamsk) 2:2 (1:1)

Goals: 1: 0 Ovechkin (17), 1: 1 Fedoseev (45), 2: 1 Pustozerov (57) 2 2 Muhamedinov (84)

Missed penalty: Pustozerov (57, goalkeeper)

"Lada-Togliatti": Fedorov, Monov, Smirnov, Redya, Sergeev, Larionov, Kurbanadamov (Geryugov, 86), Pustozerov, Pavlov, Tokarev (Aksonenko, 63), Ovechkin (Vahteev, 79)

"Neftekhimik" (Nizhnekamsk): Losev, Tarasyuk, Kulikov, Yusupov, Olisaev, Lozbinev (Fedoseyev, 27), armor (Shanin, 81), Jalilov, Arlashin, Sobolev (Muhametdinov, 66), a retired,/p>

Warnings: Sergeev (10, unsportsmanlike conduct), Losev (57, unsportsmanlike conduct), Olisaev (58, unsportsmanlike conduct), Sobolev (62, foul play), Redya (69, foul play), Shanin (82, foul play)

Judge: Vasiliev (Izhevsk)

1150 spectators. "Torpedo" stadium. Togliatti. September 17th, 2014.

by Dmitriy Guskov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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