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21 October 2014

“Lada” Togliatti met “Dynamo” Minsk in the Championship of KHL

“Lada” Togliatti met “Dynamo” Minsk in the Championship of KHL

Comparing with the previous game with “Atlant”, coaching staff of “Lada” made minimum changes: instead of Alexander Streltsov, Dmitri Stulov, a defenseman, went on the ice. He recovered after the injury, having got in the game with “Salavat Yulaev”.

The game started unexpectedly. On the 2nd minute the punt went to the host’s net, and it was a curious moment. After the battle behind the net, the puck on the back side of the net and on the back of Ilya Ezhov, hit the mark (Alexander Kulakov - 0:1, video review). Being shocked, host team could do nothing, and on the 10th minute missed for the 2nd time. Alexey Kaluzhny skated behind the “Lada’s” net and made a backhand pass to Johnothan Cheechoo, who sent the puck between the legs of goaltender - 0:2. Players from Minsk continued their fast attacks all positions.

At the beginning of 2nd period “Lada” succeeded in a couple of attacks, where junior line (Mastryukov-Sharov-Bocharov) was better than others. Other lines supported them so hard that coaches of “Dynamo” were forced to take a time-out, to bring down the pace and reassure their players. But “Lada” continued its attacks till the end of the period, and only perfect play of Haugen saved “Dynamo’s” net.

First seconds of the3rd period: excellent chance was missed by Alexander Chernikov, having suddenly come face-to-face with “Dynamo’s” goalkeeper Haugen. The shot was blocked and Denis Golubev couldn’t finish the rebound. After a couple of minutes “Dynamo’s” defenseman stopped Stanislav Bocharov on his way to the net. If you don’t score you’ll miss to your own net! On the 46th minute in a rapid counter attack 3 to 2 Ezhov blocked the shot from Charles Lingle, but on the other side had already been Matt Ellison, who finished the puck to the empty net (almost - 0:3). After the missed puck host team threw up, got two penalties in a row and lost any chance to return. On the 56th minute Anton Shenfeld earned a penalty shot, but hit a crossbar. Finally “Lada” scored the goal of prestige: 28 seconds to go to the game, playing PP assisted by Yuri Petrov and Alexander Chernikov, Denis Barantsev fired the puck with a slapshot from the blue line and soaked through Lars Haugen. “Lada” lost - 1:3.

by Maxim Plyuyko, 5th year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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