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20 April 2015

New LADA logo

New LADA logo

On April 1, 2015 AVTOVAZ presented the new logo of Lada at the car showroom "World of the Car", St. Petersburg, Russia. The new logo was created by Steve Mattin, the chief designer of AVTOVAZ.

The emblem underwent some changes and now all new cars of Lada will be decorated with it. The Lada logo didn't receive many changes at first sight. It is all about the nuances, as it usually happens in such cases. You can notice the increased boat hull proportions if look narrowly. Secondly, the sail grew in size, besides, there are folds on it.

It is the fourth Lada logo for all history of the brand. The first logo was developed by the designer of auto body Alexander Dekalenkov. On this logo the boat settled down in a red pentagon, stylized under a letter "B". Then the emblem was simplified in the mid-70s, having turned a pentagon into a rectangle. In 1980 the red background disappeared too. The logo took habitual shape in the 90s. And now – updating. The serial version of Lada Vesta sedan will be the first car with a new logo. The concept of this car was presented in autumn, 2014 in a motor show in Moscow.

by Polina Marenova, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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