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20 April 2015

A museum of bats will be opened in "Samarskaya Luka"

A museum of bats will be opened in "Samarskaya Luka"

The museum of bats will be opened in the national park "Samarskaya Luka". It will be located in the basement of the former plant building of industrialist Vanyushin in the Shiryaevo village.

The basement will be equipped with cinema room, stands with pictures of bats and a detailed description of their lifestyle.

"One room will be styled with the tunnel with information about the features of internal structure of Zhiguli mountains, with interactive objects, audio and information about the life of bats in these conditions," - the Ministry of Forestry, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Samara region reports.

The second room will turn to the "cinema at the forest pond", there will be discussions, classes and film demonstration.

Now there is a preparation of sketches of internal premises decoration, purchasing of equipment and construction materials. Information center is scheduled to open by the end of autumn 2015.

by Irina Chufistova, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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