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19 October 2014

“Lada” beats "Atlant" in SO

“Lada” beats "Atlant" in SO

On the 18th of October “Lada” Togliatti held the next match in the championship of KHL. The opponent was the "Atlant" from Moscow Region.

Before the game in "Lada - Arena" a new tradition had been started: under the arches of ice complex a hockey jersey with the family name of the first president of HC "Lada" Konstantin Sakharov had been raised He played the main role in big hockey emerging in our city. It was the historical event when Anna and Svetlana, daughters of Konstantin Sakharov, attended . The audience welcomed the raise of the jersey together with the name of the outstanding person by standing.

Sergey Svetlov, the head coach of "Lada", promised that after the game with “Tractor”, the roster of the team would change to the game with “Atlant”. So, for a defenseman Peter Podhradski the time has been given for a recovery after a little damage of neck muscles. Forwards Fedor Fedorov and Marat Fakhrutdinov didn’t step on the ice, because of a flew. Instead of them forwards Anton Shenfeld, Alexander Streltsov and recovered after an injury Georgy Belousov appeared on the roster.

Teams started the match cautiously, but step by step “Atlant” initiated to lay their hands. Opponents exchanged penalties, but risky moments close to the net didn’t appear. During one of the attacks forward Konstantin Koltsov hit into the net and got injured, soon he step on the ice back. Goalkeepers started to play more only at the end of the 1st period, but the score did not change: 0-0.


The 1st minute of the 2nd period host team had a good chance to open the score, but after the shot of Denis Golubev the puck bounced from the goalie Engren to Vitaly Shulakov, who couldn’t forward it to the open corner. A minute later sighting in the top corner Alexey Mastryukov took a shot, but Atte Engren made a beautiful glove save. Later “Lada” got 2 penalties in a row. “Atlant” didn’t score at first, but for the second time they needed only 17 seconds: the 28th minute of the game Mattew Gilroy passed to Artem Chernov, and Ilya Ezhov was late to block the shot, so - 0:1. “Lada” could answer playing the PP in the middle of the game, but one-minute firing the Engren’s net didn’t bring a result. One more prolonged attack host team began at the end of a period, Engren blocked many shots, and Andrey Nikitenko, having got a very good opportunity, didn’t score.

Guests began the 3rd period playing in PK, but quite easily coped with “Lada’s” attacks. For some reason there wasn’t any vision of “Lada” trying to even the score while playing 5 to 5. Host team were making bad passes, couldn’t stay in attack zone, lost battles in the opponent’s zone. Only last minutes of the period they understood, that could lose 3 more points and got a chance to score the goal on the 56th minute after the shot of Semen Valuysky, the puck bounced to Andrey Nikitenko, who sent it between thå pads of goalkeeper - 1:1. Three periods weren’t enough to determine the winner.

OT went without goals, and in the period of shootouts Andrey Nikitenko scored the game winner- 2:1.

by Maxim Plyuyko, 5th year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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