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10 June 2015

AVTOVAZ increased the market share to 18,7%

AVTOVAZ increased the market share to 18,7%
  • The share of LADA market grew up to 18,7 %.
  • The sales of LADA in May 2015 are 22857 cars. 
  • LADA Granta non-alternatively leads in B segment. 
  • The LADA brand occupies 51% of the segment of affordable cars.

The market share of LADA increased by 2,1% based on the results of 5 months of 2015 in comparison to a similar period of 2014 and reached 18,7% – a preliminary report of JSC AVTOVAZ on new cars sales in January-May 2015 contains such data.

From January to May 2015, 114270 LADA cars were realized in Russian market, which is approximately 30% lower than a similar period of 2014. Thus, LADA demonstrates the best dynamics in comparison as a whole to the market and continues to be actively returned to leadership positions.

Directly in May 2015, 22857 LADA cars were sold in Russian market, which de facto repeats the result of April 2015. It should be noted, that annually in May a decrease of new cars sales is observed, caused by a large quantity of days off in this month. In such a situation, repetition of the results of sales in April 2015 is a successful indicator.

Following the results of 5 months of 2015, LADA Granta leads in the car market of Russia with the sales ratio more than 49,5 thousand. Moreover, LADA remains the unconditional leader in the segment of the affordable cars up to 600 000 ruble. According to preliminary calculations, the share of the brand is more than 51% of this segment.

Further information:

JSC AVTOVAZ was founded in 1966. The first car rolled off the production line on April 19, 1970. In the Soviet period, the plant realized 14 million cars of 12 models under the brands Zhiguli and Lada. Around 5 million cars were exported. "Lada Niva", which became an export bestseller, is a pioneer in the class of crossovers. The acquisition of the plant by Renault-Nissn alliance in 2008 became a new page in Company’s history. In this partnership new models were created: LADA Largus, LADA Granta, LADA Kalina of the second generation. 
AVTOVAZ is the only plant in the world, which manufactures cars under 4 brands on the unified production site: LADA, Renault, Nissan, and Datsun.


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