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6 November 2015

Presentation of a new racing car in Togliatti State University (TSU).

Presentation of a new racing car in Togliatti State University (TSU).

On October 13th the new race car of TSU’s team for Formula Student project was officially presented in the main building of TSU. Togliatti Racing Team named their new race car "Black Bullet".

"Black Bullet" is not only a beautiful car – it’s technically perfect and fast. It was confirmed by  the international jury of the “Formula Student-2015” engineering sports project, the Russian stage, which was held in Moscow  in late September. Togliatti Racing Team of Togliatti State University took the honorable third place, beating many famous competitors.

Three sport cars and conquered trophies were shown at the presentation in the main hall. The members of the TSU Board of Trustees, and representatives of Samara regional government, Togliatti city hall, city council and "Lada Sport" LLC visited the event.

Representing the team, Mikhail Krishtal (Rector, Togliatti State University) said: "Formula Student project is a unique experience for students of the TSU team. I have repeatedly said that the students participating in this project will become experts of international level. I look at the new car and see seven cups behind it. Among them is the biggest trophy by Nissan company received for engineering innovation. Positive feedback from their side means the high level of this achievement. To be honest, I’m proud for our students from the Formula Student project. After all, the previous white race car “White Shark" was built in just three months and that record was assessed by Pat Clarke - chief judge for design of Formula Student-2014 project in the UK, Australia, Austria, and technical advisor of Formula Student in Germany".

Sergei Andreev, the mayor of Togliatti city, was among thehonorary guests who attended the presentation. He welcomed the team of students and all guests with introductory remarks: "Congratulations with great results! The idea of holding this event in our city next year is very brave. Now we have to think about what we need to do to organize a stage of Formula Student in Togliatti."

by Artyom Gromov, 2nd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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