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19 September 2014

"Lada" lost the Finnish "Jokerit"

"Lada" lost the Finnish "Jokerit"

Next match of the Kontinental Hockey League "Lada" had with the Finnish "Jokerit".

Present "Jokerit" is really strong. Team lineup includes players from both Finland hockey team and the National Hockey League. Erkka Westerlund, the main coach, has recently headed the national team. In comparison withthe previous match with "Dinamo" from Riga "Lada" coaching staff made only one change in the lineup It gave the defender Dmitry Ogurtsov relax and permitted Kirill Sviyazov to prove himself in the ice.

The kick-off for Togliatti was unsuccessful. Having stayed threesome almost for a minute and a half, they had to withstand a powerful assault of five Finnish "jokers". Having resumed a full lineup, during the shift our hockey players made a mistake. Jani Rits breackaway was missed out, but luckily the striker of guests couldnt beat the goalkeeper. The score was opened on the 14th minute. Steve Moses robbed "Lada" players in their area and passed Linus Omark the puck. He returned to Finland from the NHL. By the slap shot from the middle distance Linus Omark sent it to nine of Yezhovs gates - 0:1.

Second twenty minutes Togliatti began actively. They more often disturbed guests's defense, but for them it was very difficult to cope with the speed of the Finnish team. On the 25th minute JuhamattiAaltonen brought the puck on the wing to the "Lada" zone, rolled it into the center, where OskariKorpikari sent it apart Yezhov - 0:2. In the third period of the match Finns were three times in the box play. They didnt allow owners to create anything near their gate. 24 seconds before the end of the meeting "Lada" took a timeout, replaced the goaltender to the sixthfielder. As a result for 2 seconds before the final sirenDenis Golubev scored the consolation goal from Yuri Petrov s pass - 1:2.

by Dmitriy Guskov, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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