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18 December 2015

A petting zoo will be open in Togliatti

A petting zoo will be open in Togliatti

Here you will be able not only to watch, but also pet and feed the animals. It is located in the shopping center “Rus na Volge” (“Rus on the Volga”, “Rus”). According to the creators’ ideas, there will be more than 120 species of animals.

Among these species are: terrarium animals (snakes, agamas, chameleons, iguanas, lizards, spiders, etc.), fancy animals (rabbits, cavies, etc.), exotic (African hedgehogs, peacocks, ostriches, caimans, meerkats, etc.), wild ones (raccoons, squirrels, ferrets, etc.) and pets (goats, mini-piggies, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.).

Zoo will work on a permanent basis on the first floor of the shopping center "Rus". The opening is tentatively scheduled for December 25th, 2015. The ticket price will be about 250 rubles.

by Ivan Muzalevskiy, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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