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Cozy mini-hotel economy class
Discount-bar Tri Topora
Lada-Voskhod Hotel
"Lada-Voskhod" is located in the Avtozavodsky district in the trade and business complex.
AMAKS Yubileynaya
The "AMAKS Yubileynaya" Hotel is perhaps the most famous in the city of Togliatti, because it exists for a long time and hosts many famous people from all over the world.
Alpen Park
"Alpen Park"! This is a great hotel complex in Togliatti, in the hotel you can relax from the hassle and annoying everyday city life, having exclusive benefits!
La Rotonda Hotel
La Rotonda Hotel, there are 10 comfortable rooms and an Italian restaurant La Rotonda, as well as an excellent Italian pizzeria and a summer cafe.
Like Hostel
Like - a network of cozy hostels, which swept the greater part of Russia.
Give pleasure yourself or people close to you with an unusual gift easily. It is enough to go to the "Wonderland".
Sport Town Club
Sport Town is the best multifunctional fitness center in Togliatti.
Park House
The shopping center �Park House� is one of the biggest malls in Togliatti. It has only two floors but includes many different places.
Every guest of the �Madagascar� mall will spend his time with fun, do the necessary shopping and get a lot positive emotions which will remain for a long time.
"John Silver" pub-restaurant
"John Silver" pub-restaurant is considered as a landmark in the city of Togliatti.
Hard Rock Pub
Probably, many of you know the restaurant called Hard Rock Café, which can be found in many countries around the world...
Not many people know that "Shtany" (trousers) is not only a comfortable clothing from the wardrobe of men and women, but it is the name of a popular entertainment place in Togliatti.
The monument of "Devotion"
Everyone knows the dog named Hatiko, but few people know that Togliatti has a Hatiko of its own.
The "TruExit" reality quests are intellectual attraction that became popular in Asia and Europe.
Allow yourself to become stronger, to make your body perfect and just get an incredible and positive emotions!
Samara State University of Economics
Department of Foreign Languages
Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of English philology and intercultural communication, Faculty of Foreign Languages
"Koni Park"
"Koni Park" is one of the equestrian parks located in Togliatti.
Strelnaya Mountain
One of the best places of Samara region
Restaurant "Usadba"
A country restaurant "Usadba" was opened in 2006.
Garibaldi�s Castle
The Garibaldi�s Castle is a tourist complex, which includes luxury hotel for seven vip-rooms, guest houses, restaurants, entertainment zone, park, beach and the port. Tourist complex is located in Hryaschevka village, Stavropolsky district, Samara region.
Media Corporation "RUs TV"
The Company concentrates professionals, who have over 15 year expirience of making of actuality films and journalistic films about Russia.
Transfiguration Cathedral
Today Transfiguration Cathedral is the largest temple not only in Togliatti, but in the whole eparchy of Samara and Syzran. Its majestic appearance - a worthy symbol of the spiritual life of the Christian people.
Prime Time centre
Linguistic centre �Prime Time� offers a huge variety of English classes, Russian language classes, a flexible schedule, and a long list of trips, excursions and social activities such as Togliatti Interclub where you can spend time communicating and making friends.
Togliatti Art Museum
Togliatti Art Museum is a professional art museum that stores, collects, promotes and exhibits museum items and collections.
Volga Institute of Italian Culture
Volga Institute of Italian Culture (�Dante Alighieri� society in Togliatti) is a social organization. The founder is Non-State Educational institution - Contemporary Academy of Business and Humanities.
Lingvoclub Freestyle
Here you can meet interesting people, play different games, sing songs in English...
Sakharov's technical museum
Museum�s history began in 1998. It was a building of the Technical Museum of "AvtoVAZ" and the formation of the collection. Museum was opened on September 7, 2001. In 2010 it bore the name of its creator K.G.Sakharov � ex vice-president of "AvtoVAZ" technical development.
Alliance Francaise Togliatti
Cultural and educational organization "Alliance Francaise Togliatti" was established in 2003 with the support of the French Embassy in Russia, the Mayor of the city of Togliatti and Libraries.
Rus� na Volge
The shopping center �Rus� na Volge� is one of the biggest malls in Togliatti city. The visitors have the opportunity to five floor qualitative shopping and comfortable vacation in any of the five fast-food cafes and amusement park for children.

Rus� na Volge is located in crossing streets: Frunze and Revolutionary streets, and Leninsky prospectus.
�Torpedo� stadium
"Torpedo" stadium is one of the best sports facilities of the Samara region. This stadium was built in 1974. Grand Sports Arena holds 18.500 seats. The central field in standard size with quality grass is equipped with modern drainage system, liquid heating and artificial subirrigation.
Management training in the Academy begins with the first step - from kindergarten and primary school "Rostok". Already at this stage the education program is targeted on developing the children leadership skills, independence, self-organization and self-learning ability.
Department of International and Interregional Relations, Office of the Mayor, City of Togliatti
Boutique-hotel FAMILIA
The boutique-hotel FAMILIA welcomes to host its guests in 17 rooms. Each room is decorated in a unique and inimitable in its beauty manner. The rooms are equipped with all the facilities a person can need whether traveling on business or coming to spend a nice week-end.
Togliatti Academy of Management
The high school provides under-graduate and post-graduate professional training, PMTP and MBA programs, customized short business courses; analytical, scientific-research and consulting activities are carried out.
Most likely the village received its name from its location - it is situated in the wide mouth of the largest and most extensive ancient valley of Zhiguliovskie mountains. The name means something wide and broad.

Here in Shiryaevo the famous Russian artist Iliya Repin worked on his famous painting "Barge Haulers on the Volga".
The Monument to Vasily Tatischev
It is located on the shore of Zhigulevsky reservoir not far from the city he founded.
The nearby ladder with lanterns is stylized as a fortress tower. In 2000 during the first International Theatre Festival in Togliatti 30 seedlings of cherry were planted at the foot of the monument.
Kart racing school
The Kart racing school was founded in 2007. Training is conducted throughout the year in two seasons. Winter training period starts from December until March. At this time the training takes place in a special program on the ice surface, the cards are equipped with studded tires.
Spin Sport
The Spin Sport is a complex which located in the Green Zone in Togliatti city. If you want to have a good time with your family, so welcome to Spin Sport.
Funny Park
Are you interested in a family vacation? Do you like active recreation? Do your child like attractions, swimming pool or skating? Therefore, Funny Park is the best place for your holiday.

You will be pleasantly surprised with a variety of attractions for children and adults. More than 50 attractions for all tastes - from trampolines to extreme rides.
Power of Love
A city project - "Power of Love" fontain starts in Togliatti, near the Monument of Tatischev.
Charm of old Russian province
Have you ever wanted to make a trip to the past? To see, imagine how our grandparents lived 100 years ago? We invite you to visit perhaps the most historical place of Samara region - first half of the XIX century country estate of Orlov-Davydov Counts in Usolye.
"Persona" cultural centre is a unique place for Togliatti and Russia. Established in 2002 by a merchant Sergey Botov, the centre is situated in the building of local brewery. �Persona� �s remarkable feature is a chamber concert hall with marvellous acoustics and art gallery. Small but perfectly organised, it is located in a beautiful local forest.
Russian-Slovene Club of Businessmen
Grieving angel
In the City Park of Togliatti there is a sculpture which is impossible to pass untouched. The sculpture is called "Grieving Angel". This monument was established on 30 October 2006 to victims of political repressions of Soviet period.
Bogatyrskaya Sloboda
Spiritual and cultural Kremlin "Bogatyrskaya Sloboda" is an extraordinary architectural complex created in the tradition of ancient wooden architecture by artist from Togliatti Victor Petrov.
Go game club "Strategy"
"Go is a mirror of life". This mirror has a backward influence as well. Not only events of our life and personal characteristics determine the game style, but also polishing the style leads to positive changes in life.
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