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Go game club "Strategy"

Go game club "Strategy"
ulitsa Lva Yashina, 6, Togliatti
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Mission statement

"Renju is a commoners' game,
hero enjoys chess,
and game of go is a game of gods."

Japanese proverb

"Go is a mirror of life". This mirror has a backward influence as well. Not only events of our life and personal characteristics determine the game style, but also polishing the style leads to positive changes in life. Our aim is to preserve Go as a living art, closely tied to self-cultivation practices.

The head of Go club is Leonid Bychkov, who is also the president of Regional Public Organization "Go Sport Federation of Samara region", CEO of Center for social engineering "Strategy" and a business coach with 3-year experience.

Go club has been working since 2010 and currently has 4 offices, where regular lessons and games are held. Club's services also include Go-based corporate trainings and activities on development and adaptation of education techniques.

Go game is special among other tabletop games. Go reflects the very essence of life and how our world is organized, used in astrology, business, analytics, military strategy, arts and philosophy.

Our club members are challenging each other in-game and discussing topical issues, applying philosophy of this ancient art. We are comprehending tactics and strategy of Go and learning, how to use this knowledge in our life. We can relax in cozy areas of club offices and evolve our mind and intuition by participating in breathtaking battles, happening on game boards.

Developing logical and creative thinking during the game players can discover new opportunities and behaviour models. And by partaking in ancient tradition, we're studying to control our emotions, to better understand ourselves and surrounding people. Key skills, required to become successful in Go are: speed and depth of thinking, intuition and concentration - and they are demanded in modern world as well.


Why game, namely?

Game is a place and time, where and when you can be the true yourself. When playing, you reveal your nature and unique characteristics. Game also reveals aspirations to be stronger, faster, smarter than others. In game you can obtain the feel of solidarity, feel of being a competitor and friend to another person at the same time.

Go holds crucial place in the culture of the East. Historically, mastery of Go was in possession of aristocracy, governors and warlords, nowadays - senior executives of various corporations especially in Japan, China and Korea. Not so long ago any person willing to get a position at the government of Japan, had to pass Go exam. At the moment, daoshi and buddhist monks are utilizing Go as a tool of philosophy and meditative practive, designed to help them attain enlightenment and harmony. Even Buddha and Confucius were playing Go.

At present time, Go is widely spread around the world, gaining popularity more than chess. There is International Go Federation existing, and a number of national federations as well. A lot of clubs began to function in different cities and towns, game courses are part of educational school and university programs. Large amount of business trainings are held on the basis of Go. Psychologists use this game as a tool of psychoanalysis. Masters of martial arts employs game to perfect the strength of character and tenacity.

by Alexander Dormidontov, 4th year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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